China, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka

Strategic Analysis:  Usman Khan Aurakzai- Pakistan

Since China started the investment in the different economic, trade, educational, digital infrastructure and development sectors, the western countries and India are highly confused about the China role in the modern economic era. Now the question is rising that Why West is confused about China influence in the world. Because west has deep interest in developing countries for taking their Natural resources and supress them by loans and civil wars. On the other hand China is doing investments in developing countries for develop and to make them stable economically. After the China and Pakistan economic Corridor(CPEC) investment in Pakistan the infrastructure of Pakistan is getting day by day upgrades.And now the SAARC countries are taking interest to make closer relations with China.The rise to the top for any nation is a gradual process, which involves friends and allies.

The recent visit of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan's to Colombo was very important for Regional change. As a development partner of china Pakistan is participating as special envoy of BRI. Both Sri Lanka’s and Pakistan’s economic ties to China have strengthened in recent years. According to many observers, that engagement with Beijing highlights the shortcomings of economic engagement with China in general and the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) related projects in particular.
Interestingly, the current Sri Lankan government, is also closer to China. The Sri Lanka Prime Minister Mahindra Rajapaksa, during his stint as President, pushed Colombo closer to China.During Mr Khan’s visit, Pakistan offered Sri Lanka a credit line of US$50 million ($63.6 million) for defence and security. So PM Khan’s visit to Sri Lanka was important for different Economic, diplomatic and political perspectives.

The relationship between China and Bangladesh is very amiable when it comes to joint ventures to construct infrastructures. The Chinese government and many leading construction companies in China have shown genuine interest in cooperating with Bangladesh to attain better social development by establishing significant infrastructures. 
Beyond local politics, however, there are deeper domestic structural and economic drivers. Pakistan, Iran, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are close to major sea lanes, and building a ports there could help the countries take advantage of its proximity to international trade routes.

Now question is that how Sri Lanka and Bangladesh will tackle the Indian influence and how these small states will face Indian strategic, trade, political and diplomatic interests in the region. The Experts of Geopolitical and Geo Strategic are highly curious for the Maritime Security. If China wants to accomplish projects of BRI then they should must give proper regional security architecture.