From Shukri Sheikhani
Special. Geo-strategic

I did not want to write about Nisan 7 or 6 as a re-establishment of the resurrection, but someone wrote a publication. He went ahead with congratulations and blessings for the resurrection, considering Day 6, when we ate with bread and drank the phrase ((Authentic, unitary dawn)), it is more correct that it was a "bloody" dawn and tar has caught up with the Syrian people since the summer café meetings of perfection and from its time, and Syria suffers bad morals, loss of dignity and humiliation And Al-Hawa ... suffers from the loss of freedom, justice and law .. and the loss of institutions and administrations and all that we saw from federations, unions, organizations and parties. Cole and Ashkur were nothing but decor ... And with this the people resisted and patience. And he grew up on himself in the hope that the cloud would be removed, but the darkness and the gloom became more and more expanding, controlling, thuggery, looting and systematic plundering of the state's capabilities. There are no national resources registered in the public treasury, nor those who mourn. The doors of bribery, bribery and corruption were opened wide before the hypocrites and flatterers of every sect and sect. And it was done. Creating a special corruption door for the army, which has enriched and enriched it to the point of paranoia. The army officers are no longer satisfied with an apartment or villa only, not one car, nor a single escort or guard, but villas in every governorate and villages of al-Assad attesting to this the number of villas for the Minister of Defense Al-Fareej .. For example, the number of three each villa Four floors in the value of each villa at a price of one and a half billion according to the price of the year 2011 ... Thank you to Captain Suleiman for this information .... We follow the number of cars, a fleet of cars and a whole army of guards and escorts. The Minister of Defense, the Chief of Staff, his deputies, General Farouk Issa, Abdel-Rahman Al-Sayyad, and the list goes on and on, and these people were not satisfied with searching non-commissioned officers and recruits and collecting their salaries and salaries from the element that was searched through a chain of filthy, despicable corruption. Rather, the matter increased to seek gold and give it to their wives, daughters, and the wives of their sons ... and this chain of corruption started from the defense ministers, their children, wives, deputies, chiefs of staff, and even the smallest officers, as it is a financial military prostitution network that depletes the recruited and his family the most depleted ....... and to date there are Syrian Arab Army officers present in Deir Ezzor and Mayadi They practice this filth and search in public ... and the names will be published later. "If the corrupt and filthy person is not afraid of what he does, should we be afraid of spreading his name ?? ..... Colonel Muhammad al-Ghudha.
This is the Baath, which is hiding in its corrupt, filthy cloak, traffickers of food and the lives of the people .. Yes, it was a lightning dawn. The Syrian people have been deprived of the most beautiful days of their political life by suppressing and confiscating freedoms and arresting the flowers of Syrian youth only for contradicting their opinion. Yes, it was dawn. Science, progress, advancement and the elevation of morals. Which, since the Ba'ath came, has changed, declined and collapsed. Yes, it was a "unitary dawn ???" in that it fought and directed hostility to all Arabs and even its people, and entered its forces into Lebanon without any reason and fought Iraq to appeal to the sympathy and tenderness of Iran ... We fought the Gulf and we were deluded as a people that all of these are our enemies, and they are backward and pretend agents. "Absent", "misleading," is desensitized to the utmost degree .. However, patience. Perhaps the next is better, but the silence of this people has remained steadfast, but .... But the next was a catastrophic "raging hell" that did not remain and was not scattered ..
And we have been suffering for 70 years "from that authentic unitary dawn ???? ...
On this day, it would have been better and more appropriate if we really wanted reform and "salvation" for Syria, for a decision to be issued to dissolve the Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party.
On this day, if we were seeking "good" and "real" salvation, it would be better and more appropriate to arrest all officers without exception, from the rank of colonel and above to the rank of Minister of Defense who are proven charges against corruption, corruption, bribery and searches ... because these are the internal motives and they are the beneficiaries of prolonging life the crisis...