Afrin refugees after their displacement from the city by armed groups of the Syrian opposition supported by the Turkish occupation.
The hypocrisy policy of Western countries and granting 5.3 billion euros to the Syrian refugees, and Turkey are the most winners, and the Autonomous Administration may be outside any aid ?!

Special / Analysis Team in the Geostrategic Network for Studies

During the Syrian crisis, Western countries were not fair in their dealings with the Syrian event, and in a manner befitting their principles and ethics. They always looked at the course of events from the gateway to preserving Turkish interests in Syria first, ignoring the reality produced by the violent Turkish intervention in the occupation. Parts of northern Syria, especially the Kurdish region, which has been subjected during the past six years to multiple invasions from the ISIS state to its supporters, "the Turkish countries". 500 thousand civilians from their areas in Afrin and Ras al-Ain / Serêkaniyê, Tel Abyad, and the Qabasiyyat areas between al-Bab, Azaz and Jarablus, and the Turkish regime's involvement in supporting extremists from ISIS, al-Qaeda and takfiri groups that fall under the banner of the Syrian Coalition for Revolutionary Forces and the so-called National Army and Turkmen brigades, where These groups, led by the Turkish army in northern Syria, have committed war crimes and genocide against the Kurdish Syrians, and international organizations have talked about them, and emphasized that these groups carry out operations Kidnapping and murder for identity as well as extortion and forced displacement.
It is known that the Turkish state and its organizations that sponsor violence and terrorism in northern Syria are increasing its daily terror against Syrians as long as it receives financial support from Western countries, under the banner of support for Syrian refugees, and European silence through NATO, and therefore the funds given to Turkey in the name of Syrian refugees are transformed. To weapons and ammunition in the hands of extremists who threaten European countries in the first place. These funds are used to arm extremists and their transfer of civilians, as the Turkish occupation uses them in terrorist projects against the Syrian components and in Libya, Azerbaijan and Kashmir, and there are other areas where Syrian youths are sent to face their fate and lose their lives in the interest of Turkish security and intelligence interests that have nothing to do with the Syrian revolution.
Events have proven that the Turkish regime is using the Syrian refugee file to blackmail Europe and America, as well as to conclude suspicious deals with the Russian authoritarian regime, and that the deals that the Erdogan regime makes with Bashar Al-Assad, Putin and the Iranian regime in conducting demographic change in Syria, and threatening European-American interests in the Middle East, And before all that, these tenders were conducted at the expense of the lives of the Syrians, their future, and the unity of the Syrian territories, which are under threat due to the apparent Turkish occupation, and their imposition of the Turkish currency, the Turkish language and the laws in force in Turkey, and the goal is to annex these areas to the Turkish state, as happened 100 years ago when it joined the brigade. Iskenderun with its lands.
The Turkish regime has implemented demographic change operations in coordination with the Bashar al-Assad regime and under the auspices of Russia and Iran, where the Sunni Arabs are homeland in the Kurdish region in Syria, in exchange for opening the way for the Iranian regime to settle Shiites in the Sunni Arab regions. This resulted in the displacement of the Kurdish region, as the extremist groups affiliated with Turkey displaced most of the Kurds from Afrin, Ras al-Ain, Tal Abyad, al-Bab, Jarablus and Azaz, and their number reached more than 900,000 Syrian Kurds, half of them were found in the camps and the rest spread to the countries of the Middle East and Europe, where The Turkish state made it easier for the displaced to go to European countries, led by Germany.
The Turkish racist and occupation policies have led to the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Syrian Kurds to the rest of the Autonomous Administration areas, and there are dozens of camps that contain hundreds of thousands of displaced people, and what they need exceeds the capabilities of the Autonomous Administration in the north and east of Syria / the Kurdish region, and these camps need international support and action. This is true by the countries that support the displaced Syrians, so the conference that was held by the donor countries for the displaced Syrians, held on March 29, 2021, did not truly address the suffering of the Syrian Kurds and the refugees who fill the camps in the Autonomous Administration area of ​​Rojava.
The Syrian Democratic Forces and the Autonomous Administration regions in Rojava are part of the international coalition led by the United States of America and France against ISIS, and the forces of most European countries are now in the Autonomous Administration area of ​​Rojava, and these countries should fulfill their duties to provide assistance to the displaced in this region. There are tens of thousands of ISIS families in Al-Hol camp - east of Al-Hasakah, and they pose a great danger to people, and Western countries must provide the necessary support to rehabilitate these families and children to reintegrate into society again.
The Syrian refugees do not receive this money, and nothing reaches the displaced in Idlib, Afrin, Jarablus, Azaz, Al-Bab and Ras Al-Ain, but rather it goes into the pockets of fake regional or local organizations that steal the donated funds from donor countries.
Turkey has played on the refugee file, and the money it gets from European and donor countries has not benefited the Syrian refugees. Rather, this money goes to extremist groups, including al-Qaeda in Idlib, and the Muslim Brotherhood in Ras al-Ain and west of the Euphrates River.
These facts require Western countries to stop providing any money to extremist groups that control northern Syria in the name of Syrian refugees, because they will be used to kill and displace Syrians first, and to support these groups that carry extremist ideology against Europe. Meaning, this money will be used against Europe, and the Turkish regime has threatened on many occasions to open the way for these groups in the name of Syrian refugees to go to European countries.
The European countries, led by Germany, must realize that granting more money to the Turkish regime in the issue of Syrian refugees is used by Turkey to kill the Syrian people, because the Turkish and Syrian regimes, under the auspices of Russia and Iran, conclude deals and agreements on the Syrian people, and these funds never reach the hand Needy afflicted Syrians. There are dozens of fictitious organizations set up by some Syrians associated with the Turkish regime and the extremist Muslim Brotherhood movement around the world, who use this money to arm extremist groups.
Syrian Kurdish refugee camps from the city of Ras al-Ain / Serêkaniyê after their displacement from the city by armed groups of the Syrian opposition supported by the Turkish occupation

According to a news report published by the German newspaper Berlin Mürken Post, on the German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas: German support for the reconstruction of the destroyed infrastructure in Syria will be excluded at the present time. "There will be no reconstruction without a substantive political process," said Foreign Minister Heiko Maas.
He added: President Bashar al-Assad and his international supporters must finally understand that it is not possible to build a future on the basis of the current situation. Half of the Syrian population has had to flee in the past ten years. 90 percent of the population now lives in poverty and 2.4 million children cannot go to school.
In addition to Germany, the USA, Great Britain and the European Union Commission, among others, pledged large sums at the conference. Another 560 million euros will be saved from the EU budget in 2022 - again by the same amount this year. The United States announced new aid amounting to 596 million dollars (about 508 million euros), while Great Britain announced a contribution of 205 million pounds (about 240 million euros). According to figures released by the European Union Commission on Tuesday evening, Germany was by far the largest donor.

Representatives from more than 60 countries and organizations have registered at the donors' conference for Syria organized by the European Union and the United Nations. The money raised at the online event will be used for food, medical aid, and education for the children, among other things. It aims to flow directly into the country of civil war through relief organizations or to benefit countries in the region that have received many refugees from Syria. According to its own information, Turkey alone is home to about 3.7 million people from the neighboring country.
The conflict in Syria has been ongoing since 2011. Although violence has decreased recently, there is currently no significant progress in efforts to find a political solution. The government of President Bashar al-Assad is now in control of most of the country again, including the most important cities. There are also areas under the control of various rebel groups as well as areas under the control of the Kurdish People's Protection Units.
According to United Nations figures, 12.4 million people, and thus nearly 60 percent of the population, have recently suffered from hunger. The number of people who cannot survive without food aid doubled in one year. The Assad government lacks the funds to pay for the reconstruction itself.

Aid organizations also consider the international community to be jointly responsible. Caritas President Peter Nir called for targeted reconstruction measures to be allowed in areas under the control of the Assad leadership. He said in the donors conference to the German news agency that the humanitarian situation in the country witnessing a civil war is catastrophic. Targeted reconstruction measures can improve people's lives "without this being seen as a license to the system."
The head of Catholic Aid indicated that he was primarily interested in very elementary matters. "We want to help people have a roof over their heads again," he said. "We want to rebuild kindergartens, schools and health facilities."
The harsh conditions experienced by the Kurdish refugees after their displacement from their homes by the armed groups of the Syrian opposition

Welthungerhilfe's coordinator in Syria, Konstantin Wichel, called for ways to be found so that people could provide their own income. Today, many are 100 percent dependent on humanitarian aid. This, too, has catastrophic psychological consequences. “It has to be about giving them a perspective that goes beyond life in a refugee camp,” said Witchel. A generation of children without prospects growing up. "We cannot keep huge refugee camps for decades."
At the conference last year, according to European Union figures, donations totaled around 4.4 billion euros for 2020 and nearly 2 billion euros for the following time. According to the latest figures, € 6.8 billion has been saved for 2020 - a 54% increase over what was initially announced.
At a conference last year, Germany promised about 1.6 billion euros for 2020 and the next time to Syria and neighboring countries in the region. Ultimately, 1.75 billion euros were saved for 2020 alone.
"The federal government has always provided more support in providing assistance to Syria and neighboring countries affected by the conflict than it originally promised at the Brussels Conference on Syria," the Foreign Ministry said.
According to European Union Commissioner Janez Linarkic, 3.6 billion euros of the total donation amount of 5.3 billion euros must actually flow in 2021. The remaining 1.7 billion euros have been pledged for 2022 and subsequent years. Another 5.9 billion euros will flow in the form of loans with preferential terms.