Strategic Analysis:  Usman Khan Aurakzai- Pakistan

World is trying to Rebuild,Economy,infrastructure, spread foreign policy, open immigration and enjoying free trade while the most influential region of the world Middle East is facing 
Multiple wars, Civil Unrest, Unpredictable Democracy, Terrorism, sectarian conflicts, Ethnic groups, Human rights violations, War zones, Food crisis, Refugees issues. 

The political order of the Middle East is in the process of collapse. For those struggling for a future of dignity and democracy across the region, there’s no hope of reform of the existing system of power.The battle for human rights and democracy across the Middle East since 2011 as moving beyond traditional" nationalism, anti-imperialism and unpredictable Democracy"
So with these all terrible unpredictable Situations the big three US, RUSSIA and China are still taking much interest in region because of resources and Geostrategist location. 

The US has begun to reconfigure its military capabilities in the Gulf and removed at least three Patriot missile defence systems from the region. 
US officials told the Wall Street Journal that at least one Patriot anti-missile battery was removed from Prince Sultan Air Base in Saudi Arabia despite repeated rocket and drone attacks from both Yemen and Iraq.But its not meant that US stopec doing surveillance and data collection of the region. 

So meanwh this confuse status quo KSA invites

PM of Pakistan. And Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has accepted Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s invitation to visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia(KSA) . 
On the otherhand Riyadh wants to Normalisation with Israel. The think that would bring "tremendous benefit" to the region, the Saudi foreign minister has said, but such an accord with the kingdom would depend on progress in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

Under the "Abraham Accords" brokered by former US president Donald Trump last year, four Arab countries the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Morocco and Sudan agreed to normalise ties with the Jewish state.
China special deligation recent visit to Iran and made 25 year deal is One of the main crux is which changed the regional dynamics. 
But according to geostrategic intelligence and International relations experts the peace in region is impossible without Palestinian and Kurdish issues solution. 

Beyond the all perspectives its also true that Middle East is home to such countries for making their self more influential and stronger economically.