"Diagnosing and treating" the mechanism of dealing with developments in the Syrian crisis

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- Turkey cannot carry out a military operation east of the Euphrates, and the limits of its movements are what was agreed upon with the Americans and the Russians after it carried out the invasion of the areas of Ras al-Ain and Tel Abyad, and the skirmishes it tries to provoke from time to time, but its purpose is to empty the Kurdish region of the population and push the Syrian forces Democracy to the Russian incubator, and thus the agreement with Assad with the least demands.
- The scheme of suspicion led by the Turkish intelligence aims to create confusion between the citizens and the security forces in the Autonomous Administration area, and this requires a move by the competent authorities to expose this scheme. On the other hand, strengthening the home front, consolidating citizens' confidence, and supporting economic conditions that help increase the pace of resistance and perseverance.
- The Syrian opposition led by Turkey has become pawns on the shoulders of the Syrian regime and the Iranians in carrying out military operations against the Kurds only to prepare for the return of Assad to all of Syria.
- Supporting the efforts of the Syrian revolutionary forces that were resentful of Turkish actions, and building a Syrian revolutionary opposition structure between the east and west of the Euphrates, committed to the issues of the Syrian homeland away from Turkish influence.

Turkish moves face

The more clashes that the Turkish state provokes on the border with the Autonomous Administration, we are fully aware that the Turkish regime is going in the direction of concessions to the Russian and Iranian side, and thus an understanding with the Syrian regime to hand over new areas, or at least there are agreements that take place under the table, and it requires covering them through Clashes and media propaganda.

This equation has become a mechanism for the outputs of Sochi and Astana between the guarantor countries "Turkey - Iran - the Syrian regime" and under Russian sponsorship, and during the past six years, these countries have focused through scenarios they invent in order to progress the agreement process in restoring the Syrian regime to most of the areas controlled by the armed opposition, with Directing the opposition's weapon to the Syrian Democratic Forces.

The occupation of Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Tal Abyad was implemented as a phase of restoring large areas of Syria to Assad’s authority, and during which the Turks exercised pressure and psychological warfare to expedite the process of agreement between the Syrian Democratic Forces and the regime under Russian sponsorship and in accordance with the regime’s conditions and Turkey’s reassurance. During the past two years, Turkey has practiced this The mechanism was in agreement with the Russians and the Iranians, which actually forced the Autonomous Administration to conclude some temporary agreements with the Russian side, according to which Assad’s forces were deployed under Russian auspices in the areas of Manbij - Kobani - Tal Rifaat. Until the scheme is completed, the Turkish regime continues to launch media balloons to conduct a new invasion, and to exert pressure through bombing today and clashes, and the process continues until the moment.

The deal is well woven by the guarantor states to re-float Assad from one side, protect Iranian projects in Syria, and ensure an end to any development of democracy in northeastern Syria represented by self-administration, in addition to the rotation of the three countries in the orbit of Russia's strategic interests.

The results of these clashes

In fact, these confrontations did not stop on the borders between the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Turkish occupation and its tools, and this is not new, in addition to the burning fronts in the areas of al-Shahba and Tal Rifaat, and the areas of Ain al-Issa and Tal Tamr, but the Turkish regime’s use of drones to carry out special operations along the border With the Autonomous Administration, children and civilians were victims, almost making a difference in these clashes, due to the fact that the Kurdish forces do not possess the missiles that target these planes, and thus the Turkish regime relied on the use of Turkish telephone chips deployed in the Syrian Kurdish region, as well as some sleeper cells that may be linked to military sites Russian or Syrian regime elements, given that security coordination is clear between Damascus and Ankara, under the auspices of Moscow and Tehran.

Propaganda sows doubt

The Turkish intelligence, through the dark media rooms, uses a tool to spread suspicion within the population and among the ranks of the fighters in the Autonomous Administration area, and it is based on the fact that there are informants within all institutions, military forces and internal security, and it supplies the Turkish authorities that use drones to carry out assassinations. This is not true at all, but it is an open Turkish intelligence strategy to create suspicion in the street, and push it to doubt its role in the security and military forces.
Therefore, it requires the competent authorities and the relevant institutions within the Autonomous Administration to take caution and work to uncover those plans that are managed by the Turkish intelligence, in addition to media action and holding public seminars to warn of malicious plans.
Media of the opposition loyal to Turkey and continue to destroy the Syrian revolution and direct the street against the Kurds
The bodies that fund the media of the Syrian opposition are bodies from the beginning on directing the opposition street to the Kurds, by spreading lies and deception, and distorting the Kurds and the Syrian Democratic Forces, to the point of leaving the central issue of overthrowing the regime and diverting the opposition street to fighting the Kurds.
This operation was carefully planned by Turkish intelligence since the beginning of the Syrian revolution, and implemented by these means with extreme precision, to the point of distracting Syrian society from the tenders taking place between the Turkish-Syrian regime, and making fighting the Kurds through propaganda hostile to the cause of the center, and this contributed to the absence of large segments.
Dealing with this problem requires strong media on satellite and social channels and media.

Expected Tenders

The Turkish-Syrian intelligence did not cut their security relations in the darkest of circumstances, especially the ten years of the Syrian revolution - from the Turkish intervention in the Syrian affairs to support the opposition groups in order to overthrow the Syrian regime. “It was predominant in overcoming all the differences between the two parties, as the crystallization of the Autonomous Administration in the north and east of Syria led by the Kurds constituted a real concern for the Turkish side, which entered most of the Syrian opposition into the crucible of tendering with the Syrian regime in exchange for fighting the Autonomous Administration project.
The existence of a decentralized democratic project constitutes a major problem for dictatorial regimes, and the overthrow of the Syrian regime will pave the way for the project to extend to neighboring countries, especially since federal Iraq, Western pressures to develop democracy, human rights and decentralization in Turkey, and international and regional transformations, will have a direct impact on Turkey, Therefore, the return of the Turkish regime to an authoritarian mentality and cooperation with the dictatorship in Damascus requires consensus and agreement, which is what we are witnessing today of political rapprochement between the Turkish and Syrian regimes, after the uninterrupted security coordination. Consequently, the Turkish regime will enter the Syrian opposition that it supports in the project of merging with the Syrian regime, and since this opposition does not have its own decision, and has gone with the Turkish projects to the farthest limits, whether to modify its rifle from fighting the regime to fighting the Kurds, and using them in the Turkish gel wars in Libya, Azerbaijan, Yemen and sites Turkey, and the preparation of this opposition and the public of the Syrian revolution, through the central media, which transformed the centrality of work in order to bring down Assad to fight the Kurds. All these developments confirm the possibility of merging this opposition in the time of the Syrian regime with some temporary gains, as well as in order to create all conditions for fighting the Autonomous Administration and the Syrian Democratic Forces.

Required of self-management

The defect created by the actions of the Turkish regime in declaring rapprochement with Assad exposed his conspiracies against the Syrian revolution, and revealed to the revolution’s audience the danger of those plans, and the need to search for a new lever to save what was left of the revolution, which the Autonomous Administration should look into in depth, and develop plans and strategies that It helps to win over these Syrian revolutionaries by holding real agreements or dialogues and conferences, even if they are run by independent personalities, because this helps to restore the Syrian revolutionary vehicle that seeks to overthrow the dictatorship in Damascus and build a decentralized democratic state.

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