21 human rights organizations are calling on the United Nations to intervene immediately to stop the barbaric Turkish invasion of the Syrian Kurds

21 human rights and political organizations are calling on the United Nations to intervene immediately to stop the Turkish barbaric attack on the Autonomous Administration / Rojava in northern and eastern Syria, and the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

H.E. Mr. Antonio Guterres
United Nations Secretary General
United Nations Secretariat
42nd Street,
New York, NY 10017

Your Excellency,

The Kurdish areas in Syria, the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, and the Kurds in Iran are being subjected to the most heinous attacks by the Turkish government and the Iranian regime under false pretexts of fighting terrorism. The last of these pretexts being the terrorist attack in Istanbul, planned and executed by Turkish intelligence services, and blamed on the Kurds. This accusation came with no convincing evidence and in a matter of hours, which clearly shows the devious intentions to target the Kurdish people and their territories.
It must be borne in mind that these Turkish and Iranian aerial and heavy artillery attacks terrorize and forcibly displace innocent local civilians, and systematically target critical infrastructure facilities, power stations, and communication facilities in a clear breach of the territorial integrity of bordering nations under Article 2 (4) of the United Nations Charter.
Your Excellency, this deliberate and systematic targeting of Kurdish cities and villages in Syrian and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, which has led to the death of dozens of children, women, and elderlies, and the destruction of key infrastructure facilities, is being faced with either empty statements of condemnation, or the deafening silence and double standards of the international and regional powers witnessing it. This response embodies an international threat and stands as further evidence for Turkey’s genocidal efforts against the Kurdish people in addition to fueling ethnic and racial violence amongst local communities, and freeing and utilizing Islamic State member to intimidate the world, while operating under the pretense of fighting terrorism despite harboring several terrorist groups with their leaders.
We, as civil and human rights organizations, hold the United Nations (UN) accountable for the preservation of international peace and security, the protection of human life, and the observation of the commitment of UN member states to its Charter, and demand the following from the UN as the chief representative organization for all of humanity:

1- The immediate halt of Turkish and Iranian attacks against the Kurdish areas in Syria and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and Iran
2- Providing international protection and the implementation of a no-fly zone over the Kurdish areas in Syria and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.
3- Holding Turkey and Iran accountable for supporting terrorist groups, such as the Islamic State, Al-Qaeda, and local mercenary non-state armed actors, and prosecuting them for the crimes committed against Kurdish and Yazidi communities in Iraq, Sari Kaniye, Kari Sippi, and Afrin in Syria to the International Criminal Court through the UN Security Council.
4- Demanding Turkey to end its occupation of Afrin, Sari Kaniye, Kari Sippi, and other Kurdish areas in Syria, along with the parts Turkey occupies in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.
5- Demanding Iran to halt its attacks against the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, and the targeting of Kurds in Iran, and to respect the territorial integrity of a neighboring state.
6. Holding an emergency Security Council session to address the genocidal acts, forced displacements, and the use of all destructive weapons against the Kurds in Syria, Iraq, and Iran.
May you always be the chief actor in achieving justice and peace in the world


Signing organizations:

1- Kurdisch Civil Society in Europe
2- Lekolin for Studie and Research
3- Human Rights Organization in Syria ( MAF )
4- Kurdisch legal Kommission
5- Jani Roj Charity Organization
6- Lost Home Land Organization
7- The Syrian Kurdisch Community in the Russian Federation
8- Human Rights Committee in Syria ( MAF )
9- Shahrza Association for Kurdisch intellectuats
10- Geostrategic Organization for the kurdish Civil Society
11- Vejîn Group
12- Kurdistan Renewal Movement
13- Kurdisch Committee for Human Rights( RASSD )
14- The Kurdish Community in Sonderborg – Denmark
15- Mittan Falcons Organization
16- Siyal for Humanitarian Aid
17- Kezi Organization for the Development of Women
18- Association of the Kurds of Egypt
19- Newroz Association- Alsn
20- German InternationalOrganization for Development and Peace G.I.O.D.P
21- National Syrian Stream

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