A Kurdish family was arrested in Afrin by the Turkish occupation and Syrian mercenaries

News preparation: Geostrategic Studies Team
The Turkish occupation authorities arrested the elderly man Fathi Abdel Hanan Muhammad, his son and his wife after their return from the city of Aleppo to their village (Amara), where they were excluded from the region five years ago after the Turkish military operation in Afrin and its implementation of the displacement project for the Kurdish population by Syrian mercenary groups affiliated with the Turkish occupation.

According to eyewitnesses, the military police militia in the town of Mobata arrested the elderly Fathi, aged 70, from his home in the village of Amara on February 1, 2024, on charges of belonging to the Kurdish Autonomous Administration that had ruled the region five years ago. Mr. Fathi is still detained in a prison. Central Maratha in Afrin city.

While his son, “Shirzad Fathi Muhammad” (45 years old), and his wife, “Rosalyn Kamal Murad” (35 years old), were arrested by the military police militia in the city of Azaz, two days before him, on January 30, 2024, during their return from the destination of displacement, Aleppo, towards Afrin. They are still under arbitrary detention.

Syrian mercenary groups and settlers coming from the Syrian regions with the Turkish occupation are carrying out the process of displacement and committing violations against the remaining Kurdish citizens or those trying to return to the Afrin region, where tens of thousands of families have seized homes, farms, and property in Afrin, and they are preventing the return of any Kurdish citizen to the region.

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