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Geo-strategic Network for Studies

Editorial policy - public perception

The "Geo-strategic Network for Studies" project is concerned with political analysis, research and strategic studies, reading and anticipating events. It seeks to promote a balanced and realistic understanding of strategic interests in the Middle East, in addition to contributing to the spread of democratic values, human rights and freedoms.

Network Objectives -Strategic Dimensions

The network presents the bright image of the enlightened and civilized Kurdish thought to the international community, and it seeks to build a media lobby specializing in strategic analysis, as a wide electronic window through which peoples and civilizations can access knowledge production, through research, studies, and analysis of news and political events.

Network logo
Publication languages: Arabic - Kurdish - English - German.
Network headquarters: It is managed from Germany through an extensive electronic network that is managed on the Internet and the social media network.

Network means and their tributaries
The network consists of 6 electronic media:
1- A website on the Internet in the Arabic language.
2- A website on the Internet in the Kurdish language.
3- A website on the Internet in the English language.
4- Journal of "Free Thought", a research quarterly ... specialized scientific (electronic).
5- A number of discussion and news rooms on (WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube).
6- Application on Google Play.

Funding: Working in the network is voluntary, free of charge, and all volunteers make their contributions free of charge.
Network Board of Directors

Network administrator and founder:

1- Ibrahim Mustafa (Kaban)
Council members:
1- Faik Dallu / Germany
2- Shukri Sheikhani / Egypt
3- Haji Mustafa Karoo / Rojava - Syria

Assistant team at Rojava - Syria

1- Akram Hamo

2- Khabat Muhammad Ali

3- Haval Ali

Public participation

1- Shana Kassem / Reviews - Germany
2- Buzan Mustafa / Consulting - Germany

- Reaper Haboon / Contribution to the Kurdish website

3- Cameran Sher / Graphic - Britain

Network media links

The official website is in Arabic
The official website in the Kurdish language
The official website is in English

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