The Official Website of the "Geostrategic Network for Studies"
It is a site that provides its services in accordance with Article 2 of the DMCA

17.C.S.U. Section 512 (DMCA)

Copyright is a form of protection granted by law to authors of original creative works. Copyright is registered for any creative expression, including a book, photographs, art works, writing or recording, so the site opens for any communication submitted by any party due to a violation of rights Property.
Kindly note, that the geostrategic network for studies allows the transfer, copying or publication of any of the materials edited on the site, including written content, media files and pictures, but provided that the official source is mentioned, "the geostrategic network for studies", and in the event that the material from the geostrategic is copied, transferred or published Without mentioning the official source, all legal means will be used to protect the intellectual content of the network.
You can contact the network team if you notice any content that violates the privacy of ownership,

And that is on the official mail

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