The identification card of the Director of the Geostrategic Network for Studies

Ibrahim Mustafa (Caban)
Born in Kobani in 1980.
- Founder of the Kurdish Intellectuals Authority 2005-2008.
A former political prisoner (2007, 2008 and 2011).
Political researcher and director of the Geostrategic Network for Studies.
- Strategic analyst accredited to a number of satellite channels and news agencies.
- Human Development Trainer / Strategic Analysis Department at the German Board Organization 2018-2021.
He holds an honorary doctorate in the field of strategic analysis from the German-Lebanese Center.

His writings:

Demographics and history books:

1- The Demography of Northern Syria (History - Facts - Figures): The first edition on the House of the Pharaohs, sponsored by the Cairo Studies Center and the Geostrategic Network for Studies, 2021 AD.
2- Syrian Components and Ways of Coexistence (The Way of Solution) 2018./ The first edition was sponsored by the Culture Authority in the Autonomous Administration and the second edition was sponsored by the Kurdish Studies Center in Cairo, Egypt 2019.

Analytical books:

1- Paths of the Syrian Crisis / Turkish Intervention and the Kurdish Dilemma / 2022. In press.
2- A summary of the foreign policy of the "Trump administration" 2017
3- Revolutionary Premonitions in the Middle East ("5" Strategic Readings), published by Dar
Al Marafieen Publishing and Geostrategic Network / June 2018.

Investigations and reviews:

1- Anchoring the world, “an international matter in the twenty-first century,” 2021.
2- An outline of the ancient Kurdish history (European-Kurdish origins) 2022. In press.
3- The beneficial rib (practical letters) 2022. In press.
4- Foreseeing and analyzing the political and economic events of 2019).


1- Booklet: The Role of the Media in the Covid-19 Crisis and Strategic Ways to Confront It (Won the second prize in the first electronic strategic conference on ways to confront Covid-19): 2020.
2- Researching "Kurdistan" in the maps of the Middle East between the years "1432-1925 AD"

Literary books:

1- The prose "Screams... Screams" 2009.
2- Prose "Caravans of Wounds" 2005.

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