Photos: The extremist groups of the Syrian opposition affiliated with the Turkish occupation graduate special courses to train children in religious extremism and hatred in Afrin schools.
Geo-strategic 12.05.2021
The suffering of the people of Afrin who remain and hold on to the land despite all the living conditions and terrorist practices committed by the armed groups of the Syrian opposition against the Kurdish citizens, and under the auspices and planning of the Turkish occupation, whose officers and soldiers oversee these daily violations.
Armed groups in Afrin have taken all racist methods to terrorize Kurdish civilians who are clinging to survival, as these groups have transformed the villages and towns of the region into closed detention camps in which they commit daily violations of kidnappings, extortion, forcing people to pay heavy royalties and fines, confiscating farms and homes, and implementing forced deportations. And the prohibition of all forms of economic and social life for Kurdish citizens. Afrin is witnessing daily violations and stories of organized terrorism, as confirmed by Syrian and international human rights organizations, and the groups, sponsored by the Turkish occupation army, continue to practice heinous crimes without respecting human rights and the rights of children and women.
According to human rights reports, the cellars of detention facilities run by these groups and under the supervision of the Turkish intelligence services brutally beat and torture detainees with the aim of extracting forced confessions.

The policy of demographic change and the processes of perpetuating extremism in the areas controlled by the extremist groups of the Syrian opposition, and according to reports that the Turkish occupation is still working to leave the region through an organized curriculum and racist projects in schools and between students and youth, especially planting extremist ideas and Ottoman ideology in the minds of society.

Crimes of pillaging and killing Kurdish citizens and imposing damages on them. I witnessed the villages of Anqila and Sennara, which are adjacent and belong to the Sheikh / Sheikh al-Hadid district, 40 km from Afrin to the west. It consisted of about 500 houses, and there were about two thousand people in it, of the original Kurds, and only 750 people remained of them after the occupation, and about 1150 people were resettled in them. During the incursion, / 7 / homes in the two villages were completely destroyed and / 4 / partially destroyed. The "Waqas Brigade" militia, which controls the two villages, seized the house of the citizen, "Abdin Bakr," in "Anqla", and the house of "Manan Sheikho" in "Sinnara" forcibly displaced persons, as a military headquarters. Bayraktar Mountain, overlooking the nearby village of Marwaniya.
These militias stole from the two villages: all the contents of the houses, including equipment, tools, electrical equipment, copper utensils, furniture, etc. Public electricity network cables and adapters. Terrestrial network cables; Cables and internet devices for Haji Muhammad Husayn Agha. Special electrical generator sets (amperes) / 2 /; General drinking water pumping set; Most home water meters; / 15 / A special group for pumping irrigation water. / 13 / Agricultural tractors and / 8 / Cars. A complete machine, olive press for the citizen "Haji Muhammad Husayn Agha." Fully automated bakeries, owned by Khaled Rasho from Sheikh / Sheikh Al-Hadid Center.

Seizing the property of immigrants or forcibly displaced persons: a poultry-raising facility belonging to the citizen, "Shukri Mustafa Abdo"; About / 20 / thousand olives in "Anqla", including (Shukri, Nihad, Khalil, Muhammad Ali Sheikh Zaro, the late Mustafa and Muhammad Sheikh Zaro, Muhammad Rasho, Farid Muhammad Mustafa, Bakr Muhammad Bakr). About / 30 / thousand olive trees in "Sinnara", including (Muhammad Hussein Mustafa Agha, Manan Sheikho, Ali Sabri, Izzat and Khaled Othman Nabi), two thousand trees belonging to Bashir Mustafa Khoja, despite the presence of his wife in the village. Paying a cash royalty of / 20 / thousand dollars).
Fees are imposed on the citizens of the two villages: 15% of the seasonal olive production and other random quantities of oil rations available in the mills, and two months ago, 700 / oil tanks were collected from the people of Anqila. And / 400 / oil tanks from the people of the village of "Sinnara". And / one dollar / for every tin of olive oil taken from the two villages. And / 50 / Turkish liras every six months for each head of cattle with a population of about / 750 /, a total of / 37500 / liters every six months. Liter / 1.5 / LBP per box or bag from Mawasem for the production of vegetables, fruits and grape leaves; And exorbitant royalties paid by the owners of three olive presses upon their return to their homes in exchange for not stealing their machines.
During the March 2018 invasion, the militias, under the supervision of Turkish intelligence, removed and destroyed the Ali Dada Islamic shrine and opened a hole 30 meters in diameter and 5 meters deep in the middle. The shared historical cemetery between the two villages in search of antiquities and their theft. The existence - including the tomb of "Sheikh Muhammad Ali Agha," which dates back more than 150 years - and the remains of some of the dead appeared on the ground, under the pretext of establishing a military base that was later canceled. In the summer of 2019, it bulldozed and excavated the archaeological Tell Jarnaz, west of the two villages, and stole a large bull statue and buried treasures from it, as well as dug between olive fields west and south of Ingala.

The citizens of the two villages live as if they are in military barracks, so the Waqas militia does not allow them to leave and enter except under official duties (daily, weekly, or monthly) and for cars (three months) authorized by their security. Civilian Lives Preservation Prosecution Office. They were subjected to various harassment and types of violations and crimes, including kidnappings and arbitrary detention of dozens, accompanied by torture, extortion and the imposition of ransom. Limiting the purchase of drinking water from the well managed by Liwa al-Waqqas and its mechanisms, at a price of 15,000 Syrian pounds per tanker (3300 liters), without allowing it to be obtained from any other source. Prohibition of transporting firewood outside the village and limiting buying and selling to the representatives of the clerk. / 120 / An olive tree belonging to "Ali Sabri" in "Sinnara" was cut down from the trunk. Farmers are forced to use mobile irrigation pump sets to avoid them being stolen, and some engage armed men in forced agricultural projects, in the hope of protecting their properties.
The elderly citizen “Aref Aziz Alo” was martyred in the village of Sennara under the rubble of his house, which was destroyed by shelling on January 29, 2018 - the ninth day of the aggression.
In addition to poor education in the two villages, the former preparatory school shared between the two villages was canceled.
It is noteworthy that the security official in the "Waqas Brigade", nicknamed "Husam Hayani Abu Rashid", lives in one of the houses of the people of "Marwaniya" village, and that the so-called "Imad" is the brother - "Amir al-Waqqas" who has a civil status and is the one who coordinates all work Looting and security follow-up and others. Violations and crimes.

What happened in the village of "Ashkan Gharbi", which is 7 km away from the center of Jenderes district and follows it administratively, and it consists of about / 300 / houses, and it is inhabited by about / 1500 / original inhabitants, and only 450 / people remain due to forced displacement, and about / 300 / people Resettled. Of recruits in it and in some tents.
The "Waqqas Brigade" militia that he leads in the village, named "Ali Abu Imad", took control of it and seized the house of the forcibly displaced citizen, "Muhammad Haydar Al-Mulla," a military headquarters. Equipment and cables for public electricity networks and land lines, and the contents of two houses were completely burnt, and agricultural tractors owned by citizens (Bahri Najjar, Mustafa Oso, Shaheen Alloush) and two motorcycles were stolen. As well as / 50 / sheep belonging to "Adnan Mamo".
It also seized about 5 / thousand olive trees belonging to the forcibly displaced citizens, and the rest in the village were subjected to extortion and various pressures, and about / 50 / of the villagers, some of whom reside in Turkey, on charges of being linked to the previous Autonomous Administration and sentencing them. Various prison sentences and fines.
A royalty of 15% was imposed on the production of the olive season, and other royalties ranged between 300 and 2500 dollars on each family under various pretexts. Around 30% of the forests of Mount Bayraktar overlooking the village were cut off, and the people were prevented from selling or buying firewood except through its representatives, according to different prices. Fair that you set.

More daily violations are taking place in the village of Al-Mayassa, where it witnessed on 4/29/2021 AD that the militia of the "Special Forces - Sham Legion" attacked the elderly citizen "Issa Hussein Faraj" from the village of "Al-Mayassa" after they brutally defected under the control of the Syrian army and slept in it While he was grazing a western sheep, the village is located near the outskirts of the village of "Kimar" - Sherwa, which is under the control of these militias, and the herd (107 heads) was removed from it. Also, a week before 14/14 / a sheep was stolen from some of the citizens of "Kimar" (Aziz Ibo, Nidal Hasso Hussein, Subhi Hussein, Hamid Khalil Muhammad) after they were kidnapped and tortured for two days under the pretext of grazing their livestock east of the village - the side facing the borders of the Syrian army control.
- The leader of the "Sultan Suleiman Shah Division" militia, known as "Muhammad al-Jasim Abu Amsha", as in previous years imposed a royalty of 15% on the production of grape leaves season in Sheikh / Sheikh Al-Hadid area. The center and the villages under his control.
- On the night of 5/5/2021 AD, an armed group of the Mu'tasim Brigade militia stormed the house of Zuhair Moamou bin Ismail / 55 years old, located on the outskirts of the village of Karzela - Bulbul. He was alive, and I tied him to his wife and his elderly father and shut their mouths, then stole money, a phone, a motorbike, an electric generator, household items and things; The next day, after the news was leaked to the media, these militias searched the phones of Zuhair's relatives in an attempt to accuse them of spreading the incident.
Deliberately spreading chaos and fighting between extremist groups over the stolen goods and control of real estate and farms. On 4/5/2021 AD, Afrin countryside witnessed clashes between two militia groups of the 112th Brigade in the village of Damlia - Rajo, during the distribution of potato aid This led to terrorizing the people and wounding four different members of them, one of them in a serious condition, as the "Military Police" imposed barriers at the entrance to "Baadina and Al-Damaliyah" in order to control the situation and not to renew the clashes.
- On 5/5/2021 AD, a Santa Fe jeep was detonated with an explosive device in the Mahmoudiya neighborhood of Afrin, the fourth of its kind in two and a half months, which resulted in the injury of a man and five children from one family, of varying degrees. Wounds.
The information:
1- The Media Office of the Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria
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