Also on the international stage there is no longer a bosom. On the contrary: the auction, with penalties, expulsions, and megalomania, put international relations under great strain.

Armories, intelligence apparatus and pseudonyms have exploded

We take you to October 2014. In the Czech Republic, a huge weapons depot where about 50 tons of ammunition were detonated. Two people were killed in the blast. It was recently revealed that shortly before the explosion, two men named Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Bosgerov visited the armory. It turned out to be the pseudonyms of two GROe intelligence officers. Dazzling detail: The intelligence officers involved are also linked to the poisoning of ex-spy Serge Skripal.

The relationship between the Czech Republic and Russia is at an all-time low

The Czechs saw their chance to expel up to 18 Russian diplomats and deal a blow to the Russians by destroying their important embassy in the country. The relationship between the Czech Republic and Russia is at an all-time low.

Penalty poker

On Thursday, Bulgaria played its part: the Bulgarians now accuse the Russians of involvement in bombings at at least 4 other weapons depots in the past decade. Bulgaria called the Russian ambassador in the rug and was also informed that Bulgarian researchers are now also linking the explosions with the attempted poisoning of Emilian Gebrev, an arms dealer who, among other things, supplies the Russian enemy to Ukraine. A diplomatic chain reaction began. Finally, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and the United States also participated in the diplomatic entanglement.
Putin responded with similar sanctions. Earlier this month, the Russians had already raised an uproar due to the massive deployment of soldiers along the Ukrainian border and the Crimean region, most likely a test for US President Joe Biden, who responded to this escalating position by expelling some Russian diplomats again. Russia then reduced its force on the border region, but clearly indicated that it was ready for a new development of the force.
European Parliament President David Sassoli and seven other leaders of the European Union are persona non grata
Russia declared on Friday, Russia declared European Parliament President David Sassoli and seven other leaders of the European Union persona non grata. Here, too, it is striking that a deceived European Union elite works in the laboratory that showed that the leader of the Russian opposition Alexei Navalny was poisoned with the poison called Novichuk. It is a reasonable message to the European address. European Union leaders responded with a joint press statement "strongly condemning" the Russian actions.

Putin is in the corner

If we can deduce one thing from all of these measures, it is that Putin wants to prove himself on the international stage. Perhaps to divert attention from the domestic problems facing Russia, such as its slowing economy. On the other hand, Putin is also trying to cement his place on the international stage. Especially now that I am fully aware that the other great powers are also developing into serious opponents of the West.
Anyone who believes in a new Russian invasion of Ukraine is in favor of it. You need money for war. Funds currently unavailable. The Russians' strategy now is to destabilize and be ubiquitous by stirring emotions and carrying out cyberattacks, for example. Putin plays a tricky poker game and the West is keen to play with him. But let's not forget that once the fuse is in a powder keg on the international stage, playing with fire becomes even more dangerous. And the Chinese? They continue to work in silence and will soon become stronger than all the other blocks of energy combined. So the international competition for Putin is fierce.

Erdogan thinks the president is at home

Not long ago, Putin's colleague Recep Tayyip Erdogan also showed his muscles in the dating scandal. By not introducing the von der Leyen chair, he forced Europa on her knees and made him look west with his pants on his ankles. He had no lessons to learn from a "morally high" Europe of human rights and equality. Erdogan thinks the president is at home. Something Putin is frantically trying to prove today.

Fortress Europe: a hollow box

What about the West? Europe is there and looking into it. No, really strong response. How could it be different? Europe may become the rag in international politics. Its economy gives her the right to speak on the international stage, but its inconsistency and irregularity soon appears to be killing it. Europe is a major market, not a great power. The internal divisions in the Union in terms of defense, security, energy and the like play a trick on it.
In addition, member states often play a double game. Member states in Europe may respond angrily to Russian sanctions, but at the same time know that they are largely dependent on Putin, for example, to supply gas, which is largely transported via Russia's Nordstream 2 pipeline to Germany. In other words, Putin can shut down the gas tap at any time.
Moreover, Europe is nothing but steadfast. The power conglomerate, which occupies a prominent place in the field of human rights, does not hesitate to conclude immigration deals with the African and Turkish regimes, Ubermacho Erdogan.

Taksim and Embra

Meanwhile, European member states have much of their defense savings. In Belgium, the army will have to save up to 1.5 billion euros. Defense is like insurance: Nobody likes to pay premiums, but when disaster strikes, you are lucky to be insured. In Europe, this insurance was apparently canceled en masse.
European structures seem to be bending in light of the ongoing struggle for power between ego politicians
Moreover, the European story is no longer a story of collaboration. It has become a story of "collaboration when it suits us". European structures seem to be bending in light of the ongoing struggle for power among faltering ego politicians who almost succumb to the destructive pressures of excessive ambition.
Taksim and Embra. Putin and his colleagues understood this. If you are not strong, you have to be smart. However, Europe today is not.

From: Julian de Witt / doorbraak
Translation: Geostrategic Studies