Special / Geostrategic team for studies
The Syrian armed opposition groups (the National Army), consisting of the remnants of ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Al-Qaeda organization, did not stop committing massacres against Kurdish, Armenian, Syriac and Arab citizens in the Turkish occupation areas "Ras al-Ain/sri kanye - Afrin" and others, and implementing projects of demographic change and settling families of terrorist groups in These areas, and the implementation of organized arrests against civilians as well as the seizure of their homes, shops and lands, the kidnapping of women and the killing of Kurdish and Christian children on identity, in addition to turning these cities into centers for training and arming extremists and sending them to several regions and countries, creating crises, killings and terrorism..
Among these crimes committed by the Turkish occupation and Syrian mercenary groups is the seizure of the Armenian Church / the shrine of the martyrs, and turning it into a sheep pen after handing it over to a person named Firas, one of the extremist groups coming from the city of Damascus.
The Syrian opposition groups (the National Army), with the support of the Turkish occupation, have seized all Kurdish and Christian homes and shops in Ras al-Ain, including this church, which is sacred to the Armenians, but these groups do not respect religious and national freedoms.
These extremist groups share the neighborhoods of Ras al-Ain and its countryside, where each group practices terrorist acts against civilians, and there are dozens of reports documenting these violations, which requires real international action to confront these crimes.