The Ankara government headed by Erdogan deals with all files, both internal and external, with the logic of deals and narrow interests, shaped by vanity and abhorrent Islamist and nationalistic beliefs. Therefore, it sees it active in the Syrian file on the basis of expanding its influence and protecting its cronies, even if they are terrorists, and mainly to strike the Kurdish presence and role in Syria; It provides and supervises the practice of violations and the commission of crimes against the Afrin region and its people.
The Turkish occupation army and the mercenary and extremist groups of the Syrian opposition are leading the genocide and ethnic cleansing against the Kurdish presence in the Afrin region, through daily terrorist acts against the citizens.
During this weekly report, we bring to you the latest terrorist acts carried out by the Turkish occupation and the extremist groups of the Syrian opposition led by the Syrian coalition in the city of Afrin and its countryside.
Report on daily violations
Crimes in the village of “Haj Khalil”, the death of a citizen under torture, testimony about Al-Ra’i prison, kidnapping and arbitrary arrests, the bombing of Mount Sherwa and the death of a girl
Day after day, the extent of the criminality with which Turkey and the mercenary terrorist militias of the Government of Justice and Development deal with the Afrin region and its people is revealed, but the news and facts of violations and crimes, especially those committed and still committed against the kidnapped, detained and forcibly disappeared, did not receive serious attention from the international community, its forces and bodies. Concerned and interested in the Syrian issue.

Here are the facts and facts:

= Haj Khalil village:
It belongs to Rajo district and is 2 km away from its center. It consisted of /253 houses, and there were about 1200/ original Kurdish inhabitants, and about 160 families ≅450 people remained, and about 180 families ≅900 people were settled. / Of the newcomers in the seized houses.
During the war and the bombing, /5 of the houses belonging to the citizens “Abidin Othman and his house were transformed into a square in the center of the village, Seido Rashid Haider Karu, Miqdad Salman, Qader Seido Othman, Othman Bilal Biro) completely and /11/ houses partially, and when the village was invaded On March 4, 2018, only the elderly woman "Hanifa Yousef Tato / 65 / days" was hiding in a stable for animals, who was shot by the gunmen and she was martyred immediately, and they threw her body in the house of "Hussein Ahmed Habbo", to stay for several days in the open, to be eaten It contained dogs and cats, and her brother, "Ahmed Yusef Tato, 57 years", was wounded by shrapnel from a shell, and he was also killed.
The militias looted the contents of all homes, including supplies, tools, furniture, equipment, copper utensils, gas cylinders, etc., and stole all cables and equipment of the electricity and public landline networks and most of their poles, and two agricultural tractors for “Aref Rashid Habo, who returned them after paying two million Syrian pounds, Mustafa Murad Mustafa Salman” and /6/ cars belonging to “Abdo Mustafa Salman, Mustafa Murad Salman, Nuri Sido Othman, Abd al-Rahman Saeed Karru, Salah Ahmad Haidar Hebbo, Muhammad Ali Rashid Sheikho” and /6/ Bawaker (one for brothers Sabri and Ahmed Salman, three for “Hussain”). Muhammad Othman, two by “Shams al-Din Gharib - Mist Koshkar”), and all the machines of the two olive presses by “Hanif Shukri Hanif, Khalil Haider Hebbo” and transforming the first building into a stable for livestock and animals, while the second building was restored after paying a large royalty, as well as factory machines for plastic.
It seized the property of the villagers in Rajo town (a house and three shops belonging to “Mohammed Khalil Ahmed Ali”, a shop by “Ali Tato – Alidaya”, a shop by “Nuri Gharib – Mast Koshkar”, four shops by “Bakr Ahmed Rasho”, a mechanical repair shop For "Hassan Ahmed Rasho", eight shops for "Hassan Abdo Othman", ten shops for "Hussein Abdo Othman", five shops for "the late Aref Abdo Othman", three houses for the brothers "Hassan, Hussein and Aref Othman", two shops for "Azad" and Rizan Watani Habo, a pharmacy for “Hussein Mohamed Youssef”).
It also seized an area of ​​/4/ hectares belonging to "Abdul Rahman Salman" and built in it a camp for recruits, a thousand olive trees and a soap factory located on the town road (its contents are estimated at /300/ million SP) belonging to the sons of the late Ahmed Habbo, nicknamed: (Watani), which had a bust in the center of the city of Afrin and was destroyed on March 18, 2018, and on 3/ thousand olive trees and / 70 / hectares of agricultural land belonging to the family of "Hanif Jamil Hanif", two thousand olive trees and / 50 / hectares of agricultural land Belonging to the family of "Hanif Shukri Hanif".
Most of the trees in the forest surrounding the Islamic shrine of "Muhammad Ali", located between the villages of "Haj Khalil and Koura", were cut down, and the shrine was dug up in search of and stolen antiquities.
The remaining residents of the village were subjected to various types of violations, such as daily harassment, the arrest of some of their sons and the imposition of fines on them, including the citizens "Hanifa Hebbo and her husband Nuri Muharram", who were arrested in Turkey because of their political activity and spent two years and ten months in its prisons, and a royalty of /300/ tank of oil was imposed. Olives in three seasons, and a percentage of /35-50%/ of the production of seasons of absentee properties.
The village is controlled by the "Ahrar al-Sharqiya" militia, which took the municipal building and the house of the late Brigadier General Haider Rashid into two military headquarters.
The Turkish intelligence seized the old house belonging to the late Hanif Agha, which was subjected to vandalism and fires during the war, and restored it, raised the Turkish flag and closed it now, under the pretext that it was the headquarters of "Mustafa Kemal Ataturk" during the First World War! While the truth is that the owner of the house hosted Ataturk during his retreat and defeat from wars.
= The death of a female citizen under torture:
- On May 30, 2021 AD, the militia of the "Al-Hamzat Division" informed the citizens of "Mawlid Noman (64) years old" of her death in Azaz prison, where her body was handed over the next day to her relatives, and was buried in her village "Buzika" - Afrin; The elderly woman was suffering from illness and was subjected to torture and cruel treatment, as she was arrested in April 2019 on charges of having ties with the former Autonomous Administration, and forcibly disappeared, and her relatives were blackmailed by the militias and a sum of money was taken from them every month on the pretext of buying medicines for them.
= Testimony about the terrifying Shepherd prison:
When the young man (M.K.) returned with his family and others to their village in Bulbul district during the occupation of the area, in mid-April 2018, he was arrested with others by an armed checkpoint of the "Al-Sham Legion" militia at the junction of Hasandera village; He spoke to us, sighing in pain as he suffered from the consequences of torture, saying: "The journey of torture began from the first hour of our arrest, as they put me in a scrubber in a mill building near the checkpoint, then we were transferred to the town of Maidan Akbis - the municipality building, and we were subjected to severe torture (random splitting and beatings). On the whole body with cables, hoses and sticks) and the investigation by Turkish intelligence agents and officers directly, where they took out one of the detainees (A.S.) with a blanket after he became a lifeless body due to fractures, wounds and fainting, and we did not meet him later and his fate is still unknown; after ten days We were transferred through the Turkish city of Kilis to the prison of the town of Al-Rai - Al-Bab area. There were more than 1500/ detainees from the basement of Afrin, including women and girls, in ten rooms in the basement, including women and girls. We were exhausted, and in semi-darkness, with no sun or ventilation, and everyone was sick with scabies, and food It was two loaves a day with a little lentil soup or soaked rice, and allowed to relieve himself only in the morning and evening, and when necessary, the prisoner urinates in a plastic bottle or defecates in a bag.”
M.K. added: "The young man (H.S.) was arrested from our village with me. After three weeks, his condition worsened due to severe torture, and he was unable to eat for two weeks, so his health deteriorated and he excreted blood, and we washed him with water in the toilet room, and he fell to the ground and his body. He was cold, and he was taken outside with the blanket without being returned or we know anything about him, and he has not been returned to his family until now.”
M.K. was released without trial after three months of being hidden in Al-Ra'i prison, but he was summoned back by the "court" to pay a fine.
It is reported that the militias of the "Sultan Murad Division" and its leader, Fahim Issa, manage and guard al-Ra'i prison under the supervision of Turkish intelligence, and we were unable to know the number of the remaining forcibly disappeared detainees in Afrin.
= Kidnapping and arbitrary arrests:
- On May 25, 2021 AD, the militia of "Al-Waqqas Brigade" raided houses in the village of "Hekja" - Shih / Sheikh Al-Hadid and kidnapped 11 of its sons, because of their objection to the recruiters grazing sheep between their agricultural fields. They insulted and beat the kidnappers, and released them. They were released on the same day, except for Ali Safar, whose fate remains unknown.
- On May 27, 2021 AD, the "Al-Sham Legion" militia in the town of Maidan Akbis arrested the citizens "Shawqi Mustafa Othman, 68, and Muhammad Ahmed Horo, 30," on trumped-up charges, and took them to Rajo Police Station, where they were released after imposing monetary fines for them.
- On 29/5/2021 AD, "Special Forces - Al-Sham Legion" militia raided houses in the town of Basuta and kidnapped the citizens, "Najib Misto Khalil, Ali Khalil Khaled, Kawa Batal Khader, Hassan Zaki Hamsho, Biman Muhammad Taha Bash, Ahmed Abdul Rahman Battal, Khaled Ahmed Rajab of the Arab component” and held them for three days in a prison in its headquarters, on the pretext that their names were similar to those of wanted persons.
- On 29/5/2021 AD, the “Military Police” at the intersection of Azaz city arrested the citizen “Bashar Othman Othman / 27 years old” from the village of Kafr Jannah - Shara, and released him on Thursday 3/6/2021 AD, knowing that he had previously been arrested He was fined for having ties to the former Autonomous Administration.
= Release of forcibly disappeared persons:
- On 2/6/2021 AD, the citizen "Sido Bairam Bairam / 30 years old" from the village of "Kila" - Bulbul, who was arrested on 24/4/2018 and forcibly disappeared for nearly three years in a secret prison in the town of Al-Rai - area Al-Bab, then he was transferred to Marateh prison - Afrin and released after imposing a fine on him. He is now suffering from psychological effects and health problems due to torture and cruel treatment, and his staying in the shade and darkness without seeing the sun.
- On 1/6/2021 AD, the citizen “Luqman Kamal Muhammad / 41” from the village of “Tal Salur” - Jindires, who was arrested on March 16, 2018 and forcibly disappeared in Al-Ra’i prison, was released, then transferred to Maratah prison. Afrin three months ago and was released after a fine was imposed on him.
- On May 31, 2021 AD, the citizen "Hanan Muhammad Hanno / 42 years old" from the village of "Qarmtalq" - Shih / Sheikh Al-Hadid and residing in the city of Jenderes, who was arrested in mid-September 2020 AD, was released.
= Sherwa bombing and the martyrdom of a girl:
The forces of the Turkish army and its mercenaries continued from the night of 2/6/2021 AD to last night, their intense bombardment on the vicinity of the town of Tel Rifaat and the villages of Sherwa "Beneh, Keshtaar, Akabieh, Sogank, Burj Al-Qas, Kaluta, Mazen / Zouk Al-Kabeer" which are under the control of the Syrian army. The people hid in basements and caves, and some of them fled to neighboring villages, in addition to material damage to a number of houses and vehicles in the village of “Aqebeeh” and the death of /30/ head of sheep belonging to the citizen “Yahya Naasan” of its people, and the outbreak of fires in some crops and part of the forests Last night, the 14-year-old girl, Zainab Hussein Ibrahim, from the village of Kilotê, and her younger brother, "Bakr" and her father, were wounded, as a result of the bombing and damage to their house, in addition to the damage of two other houses in the village.
= Other violations:
- Militants of the "112th Brigade" militia recently in Baadina stole copper pots from the homes of citizens "Ali Kokchar, the late Zakaria Ibish, the late Gilo Zainal", as well as the ground copper cable for lighting poles in the middle of the entrance street, and the entire cable of the land phone network in the town was withdrawn And the ones that extend between it and the villages of "Dimlia and Maamala" with mechanisms and tractors and stolen them. The brother of its leader, "Abdul Karim Qasoum", also opened a fuel center (tank and pump) in front of the town's mosque, within the house of the seized citizen "Khalil Berri".
- Since March 2018, the so-called "Fadi Deri", the leader of the "Sultan Murad Brigade" militia in the village of "Kutana" - Bulbul, seized the modern olive press belonging to the citizen "Hanif Suleiman", despite his presence in Afrin and his repeated requests to take possession of it and the visit of the "Grievances Committee" to the village The mill’s revenue is estimated at tens of thousands of dollars over three years; The militia of Al-Murad also seized his "beheira restaurant", which is located between the mountain forest of Lake Medanki, and made its building a military headquarters after stealing all its contents.
In the context of chaos, at dawn on Friday 4/6/2021 AD, a huge explosion occurred in a shop selling gas and fuel cylinders in the Ashrafieh neighborhood - Afrin, east of the Bazaar Square, which led to the outbreak of a large fire in the shop and damaged several shops and houses close to it, amid the residents’ panic.
wonder? Are not all these crimes committed against Afrin and its people sufficient to move the global conscience and put an end to the dubious international silence about their situation, and work to pressure the Ankara government on the path to ending the occupation and the presence of terrorist militias.
Information sources:
Media Office of the Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria