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Not a day passes in Afrin without the extremist groups of the Syrian opposition and the Turkish occupation committing massacres against Kurdish civilians.
The city of Afrin witnesses systematic kidnappings and arrests of civilians, under the auspices of the Turkish occupation, which supports these armed groups that are organizationally affiliated with the Syrian opposition coalition. These armed groups carried out operations of demographic change against the Kurdish people, expelling them from their lands, and settling Turkmen and Arabs from other Syrian regions in their homes and farms.
The racist settlement after the demographic change against the Kurds, opened the way for revenge against defenseless civilians.
This report conveys to public opinion the latest developments on the ground in the city of Afrin and its countryside at the hands of extremist groups of the Syrian opposition and supported by the Turkish occupation army.
The city of Afrin, occupied by Turkey and its armed factions/mercenaries, is still suffering from the scourge of crimes that have crossed all descriptions, including killing and kidnapping of defenseless Kurdish civilians and tightening the screws on them with the aim of displacing the rest of them outside the city, targeting their livelihood and not feeling safe in their homes. The Turkish occupation and by instructing its mercenaries to target the city from all its aspects and components with the aim of completing its policy of comprehensive demographic change, not only in terms of demographics, but also erasing everything related to the Kurdish character and cultural heritage of the city.
As part of our documentary work, our network, "Nataa Afrin Network", documented, during the period between 20-6-2021 until 26-6-2021, a series of crimes committed by the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation in the city of Afrin, as follows:
• _Killed: 2 elderly citizens and a woman
• _ Kidnapping: 5 citizens
• _ Release: 5 citizens who were kidnapped in separate periods.
• _ Seizure: 6 cases (agricultural lands _ sale of homes _ shops).
• _ Imposing financial royalties: 1 site (imposing royalties in return for reaping agricultural crops)
• _cutting and burning trees: 3 forest sites.
the details :
Killing: 1- A Kurdish citizen died as a result of being tortured by the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation, called: Khaled Alo, "55", from the village of Qatma in the Shara district in the occupied city of Afrin. Where the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation on "6-12-2021" severely assaulted the citizen "Khaled Alo" after they had armed robbery of his house, where they tied his hands and feet. Where the citizen "Khaled" lived alone in his house near the industrial area and was suffering from psychological and nervous disorders due to the family circumstances he is going through as a result of the Turkish occupation of the city of Afrin. The citizen "Khaled" remained bedridden for "5" days as a result of the severe and severe beatings he was subjected to, until the neighbors inspected him and transferred him to the military hospital, where he died as a result of the deterioration of his health condition.
2_ The death of a Kurdish woman, the wife of a kidnapper, in mysterious circumstances in the military hospital in the occupied city of Afrin. On “5-6-2021”, a Kurdish citizen went to the military hospital in the occupied city of Afrin to perform a minor operation, and less than an hour later, her family was informed of her death under the operation. The citizen named: “Maryam, aged 36 years, from the village of Jaqmaqah Mazen / Al-Suwan Al-Kabeer of Raju district, mother of four children, and the wife of the kidnapped "Assaad Akash Khalil", 43, who was kidnapped in August 2018 by the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation in his home in the village of "Chamqa" and was then transferred to Turkish territory to be tried there by a ruling “5” years on false accusations. In the details of the incident, the citizen “Maryam” went to the military hospital to undergo a urinary tract operation, and less than an hour later, her family was surprised by the news of her death under the operation despite the simplicity of the operation, as the medical staff refused to give the woman’s body to her family directly until today. The second is to be buried in the cemetery of the village of Cakmaka.Sources from inside the hospital also reported to the families of the victim that before the operation, the victim was transferred to the ground floor of the hospital, which is supervised by a Turkish medical staff affiliated with the Turkish intelligence, and no one is allowed to go down to it.Although the operating room on the first floor is still more According to some civil sources, the body was delivered empty of internal organs, as its internal organs were stolen by the Turkish medical staff specialized in the theft of human organs in the hospital. There have been many cases of killing of citizens in hospitals affiliated with the Turkish occupation in the city of Occupied Afrin to have their internal organs stolen by organ dealers affiliated with the Turkish intelligence.
Kidnapping: 1_ I informed the so-called civil police in Rajo district center, citizen Ali Hamza (after his release), that his young son Khalil Hamza bin Ali, 33 years old, residing in the city of Afrin, is wanted for interrogation, so one of the intelligence agents took his father to Afrin on the day Saturday, 06/19/2021, to bring him to the security headquarters in the district center for interrogation. Since its history, his fate is still unknown.
2_ On the 23rd and 24th of this month, the militants of the "Al-Sham Legion" of the Turkish occupation launched a campaign of raids and arrests in the village of Ghazawiya in the Sherawa district, where the campaign resulted in the kidnapping of five Kurdish citizens of the Yazidi religion, who are (Omar Ziad Omar Jamlo, 22 years old - and his brother Barakat, 20 years old, Farmand Dashti, Omar Jamlo, 24 years old, Jamil Mustafa Ali, 28 years old, and Ahmed Hassan Youssef, 30 years old. They were taken to the prison of the neighboring Iska village, which is located in the kennel of the late “Farouk Ezzat Mustafa,” as the pretext of dealing with the former Autonomous Administration.
The takeover: 1_ A settler from Jobar in Damascus countryside refuses to evict the home of a Kurdish citizen, despite her filing a complaint with the Turkish occupation authorities in this regard. The settler “Al-Jubari”, who has occupied the house for nearly 3 years, refused to vacate the house of the Kurdish citizen “Nisreen Abdel-Karim” located in the vicinity of “Bilal” mosque on the Serfais road in the Ashrafieh neighborhood, although she filed a complaint with the so-called “Grievances Committee.” and the “Civil Police” militia of the Turkish occupation.
2_ On Thursday, June 14, 2021, a gunman from the “Syrian Front” of the Turkish occupation sold the house of the Kurdish citizen “Othman Muhammad” for two thousand US dollars, taking advantage of the fact that its owner had been under arrest for more than a year. As the gunman who was taking over the house of the citizen “Othman Muhammad” - from the village of Roita / Rutanli - Mobata / Ma’batli district, he hails from Idlib and belongs to the group called “Abu Turab” affiliated with the “Syrian Front” militia. It is worth noting that the citizen Othman Muhammad and his son Muhammad had been kidnapped by the “military police” gunmen and they are still languishing in Maratti/Marata Central Prison.
3 _ On Friday, 06/25/2021, the leader of the Hamzat mercenaries in control of the village of Ma’rat Abdullah, the leader of the mercenaries of Ma’rat, the city of Afrin, informed the Kurdish indigenous population of a decision to collect taxes in the villages under his control for the properties of the forcibly displaced to each of (Kurdistan Region – Aleppo _ Al-Shahba region), as he set the tax at a financial amount ranging between 4-10 US dollars for each olive tree in exchange for allowing agents to harvest the crop, knowing that during the season he refused previous legal agencies, including those issued by the local council of Afrin, and imposed a tax A financial amount of 5 US dollars for each tree, in addition to the theft, looting and robbery that he carried out with his elements, noting his claim that the new decision was issued by the Turkish government “the Turkish governor” and the need to comply and pay it during the current period, and everyone who refuses His property will be confiscated for the benefit of the members of the National Coalition for the Forces of the Revolution and the Syrian Opposition headed by Nasr Al-Hariri and the leaders of the Free Syrian National Army, which raises more doubts about the decision to set a specific period not exceeding next month to collect the tax.
4 _ The shepherd settlers in the village of Kafruma _ Sharan district, on Friday, 06/25/2021, grazing livestock in the olive fields and vineyards owned by the Kurdish indigenous people without any moral or legal considerations, despite the issuance of a decision to prevent grazing in the fields from the rooms Agriculture in the local councils and fined the violators for each head of livestock a financial amount of 2000 Syrian pounds. Here, we would like to point out that the decision does not include the shepherd settlers, although it was not mentioned in the items, by virtue of the complaints submitted against them by the people before the relevant security and judicial authorities, without any results. Rather, some of the shepherd settlers brandished weapons and assaulted the Kurdish citizens. Under the pretext of ownership of land belonging to the Turkish occupation.
5_ Al-Hamzat mercenaries seized the house of the citizen "Bahjat Barakat" in the village and turned it into a military headquarters, in addition to seizing his house in the center of Afrin city and turning it into a headquarters for the Turkish occupation army.
6 _ The mercenaries of the Turkish occupation seized a number of homes of Kurdish citizens in the Ashrafieh neighborhood in the occupied city of Afrin, next to a "power station" and expelled them from their homes. The families are: "Mohammed Daoud" (Abu Ali) in addition to two homes for his children.
The source stated that the citizen "Mohammed Daoud" was alone in the house and was suffering from kidney failure, as the mercenaries expelled him outside the house and settled families belonging to them. They expelled other families next to the house of "Mohammed Daoud" and they are all from the house:
Aslan Alibaka, Muhammad Ali and Ramzi Muhammad, where all these houses were seized by force of arms to house the families of the mercenaries.
Imposing financial royalties: _ The so-called civil police in the center of Rajo district imposed on the Kurdish indigenous people to pay a sum of 57 Turkish liras per month in exchange for catching fish in the Black River or irrigating their neighboring lands from the river adjacent to the Turkish border under the pretext of reducing smuggling, knowing that the militants They smuggle terrorist elements "ISIS" in exchange for huge sums of money in US dollars, in addition to smuggling drugs, weapons, firewood and stolen olive oil, apricots and cherries.
#Cutting_Burning_Trees: 1_ The mercenaries / militants of the Turkish occupation set fire to the forest surrounding the village of "Haj Qasma" of the Mabata district / Maabatli in the occupied city of Afrin. Where they deliberately burned trees in order to cover up the process of cutting trees and stealing them with the aim of trafficking.
2_ The "Hamzat" mercenaries of the Turkish occupation have cut down 1,500 olive trees belonging to the Kurdish citizen "Behjat Barakat" from the people of Kokana village of Mabata / Maabatli district in the occupied city of Afrin, and he is forcibly displaced from the occupied city of Afrin.
3_ On Thursday, the Turkish occupation mercenaries set fire to the forest forest in the village of Aranda, which belongs to Shih / Sheikh Al-Hadid district, in the occupied city of Afrin. More than 300 forest trees were damaged as a result of the fire, with an estimated area of ​​more than 10 dunums of forest trees. Where the firefighting teams of the Turkish occupation delayed putting out the fire, as it spread to large areas in the forested forest.
The "Syrian-Brotherhood Coalition Provisional Government" recently issued an amnesty decision for some crimes with several exceptions and without including "terror-related issues or security issues", meaning that it does not include the people of the occupied region of Afrin who are detained on the basis of accusations of having ties with the former Autonomous Administration in a flagrant violation of the origin Article 70 of the Fourth Geneva Convention 1949, which does not permit “the Occupying Power to arrest, prosecute, or convict protected persons because of acts they committed or opinions they expressed prior to the occupation…”; And what confirms the falsehood of the occupation authorities’ allegations of compliance with the laws and the Bill of Human Rights is the arrest of more than 1,500 citizens of Afrin and their forcible disappearance in the notorious Al-Ra’i prison since the spring and summer of 2018, in addition to others detained in other prisons, and the release of hundreds of them, successively, more than A year ago, after they were presented with "sham trials" that passed unfair sentences that had already been carried out in harsh conditions and under torture.
The following documents some violations and crimes committed in Afrin:
= Village "Dêrwîş":
It belongs to Raju district and is 8 km away from its center and is about 850 meters above sea level. It consists of about 100 houses, and it had about 400 indigenous Kurdish residents, and it was completely deserted due to its invasion and establishment by the Turkish army. A military base there. The militias of the “Al-Hamzat and Ahrar Al-Sharqiya Division” accompanying the army stole the contents of all the houses, including supplies, mattresses, tools, electrical equipment, copper pots, gas cylinders, etc., and two agricultural tractors belonging to the citizens, “Ahmed Kholousi Kanjo, Ahmed Hanan Khalil.”
In addition, in order to establish a military base with a concrete wall in the village, the Turkish army uprooted /960/ olive trees (/400/ for “Ismail Haider”, /250/ for “Hussein Ibrahim”, /250/ for “Hussain Kanjo”, /60/ for “Hussein Kanjo”, /60/ for “Nuri Ibrahim”) and dozens of others while opening roads to the village from the western and eastern sides, and the militias also cut down hundreds of fruit, forestry and fruit trees for wood.
During the war, the houses of "Muhammad Ali, Hussein Omar Ali" and four others were partially destroyed, as well as the demolition of the walls of some houses due to the widening of the roads inside the village.
The residents of the remaining village in the area (about 57 families = 180 people) are scattered between the city of Afrin and the villages of “Raju, Mu’asik, Jawqa, Afraza, and Kafr Delah), and they are forbidden to visit their village or cemetery except rarely, and they are sometimes allowed to serve their fields if there is a member of From the militias and after paying his “fee” to him, in addition to paying a royalty of /10-15%/ of their season oil to the militias, which also seize about 5/ thousand olive trees belonging to the forcibly displaced families of “Habash, Keleh, Baleh.”
They are subjected to various types of violations and insults, as they submitted numerous complaints in order to return to their village to no avail. The young man, Nihad Hassan Refaat, 21 years old, was arrested and forcibly disappeared three years ago by the occupation authorities, and his fate is still unknown, and the citizen “Rajab Shukri” Rashid" from the village was martyred on May 14, 2018, with live bullets fired by the "Ahrar al-Sharqiya" militia, when he returned to its headquarters in Rajo Center to inquire about the fate of his kidnapped son.
= Consolidation of localization:
A private source - Citizen B, A, who stayed for a while in occupied Afrin and was forced to migrate from it, stated that a citizen of the Arab component from the village of "Mulla Khalila" confirmed that a Qatari businessman had brought in large sums of money for the purchase of real estate in Afrin and the construction of residential buildings and asked him to Helping him convince the original Kurdish population and push them to sell their real estate, albeit at high prices, but he refused the request and cooperated with him.
B, A. added, saying that the "Al-Sharqiya" militia entered the project line with the Qatari man, with the help and mediation of the contractor "MB" and his brother "IB" and the contractor "A, M, E" from the people of Jindires in the purchase and construction of real estate. The buildings, and he stressed that MB has a close relationship with those militias, as evidenced by properties whose owners are absent and managed by relatives inside.
We had documented in a previous report that in the context of the movement of land purchases for the purpose of building houses and shops by imported traders, real estate was purchased in (west of Jenderes and south of Hammam Road, along the main road before the eastern entrance of Jenderes, Jenderes-Sindanke Road, southwest of Tel Jenderes). and east of Muhammadiyah Road) and preparing it for construction through the circle mentioned above.
The most dangerous link in the process of systematic demographic change that affects the Afrin region is the construction projects and model settlement villages in order to own and housing the recruits and to consolidate their settlement, where there is an injection of huge funds in the name of trade and “humanitarian and charitable societies” through the networks of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Turkish Justice and Development Organization.
= Kidnapping and arbitrary arrests:
- On 11/6/2021 AD, the citizen "Ahmed Ibrahim bin Khalil" from the village of "Khalilaka" - Bulbul and residing in the city of Afrin was arrested by the Al-Qous checkpoint - the entrance to Kafr Jannah Road, on charges of affiliation with the former Autonomous Administration, and he was released on Thursday 24/ 6/2021 AD.
- On 18/6/2021 AD, the citizen "Hamdan Hussein" and his son "Mustafa" from the village of "Aghjla", who works in the field of tractors trade, was arrested with another person from among the recruits, and their fate is still unknown.
- On June 17, 2021 AD, the Turkish intelligence arrested the two minors “Manan / 14 / years old and Hanan / 15 / years old, my son Manan Battal”, from the people of the village of “Jagla Wastani” - Shih / Sheikh Al-Hadid, who live in the Mahmudiya neighborhood in Afrin city And their fate is not yet known.
On June 23-24, 2021 AD, the "Al-Sham Legion" militia kidnapped two Yazidi citizens from the people of the village of "Ghazawiya" - Sherwa. They are "the two brothers Omar / 22 / years old and Barakat / 20 / years old, the sons of Ziyad Omar Jamlo, the two brothers Ahmed 30 years old and Youssef / 28 years old, my son Hussein Youssef, Farmand Dashti Omar Jamlo / 16 years old, Haval Ali Musa / 30 years old, Jamil Mustafa Ali / 28 years old and his mother, who was released after hours, "on charges of relations with the administration She took them to her own prison, "the house of the late Farouk Izzat Mustafa" in the nearby village of "Iska", one of the secret prisons where torture and cruel treatment are practiced against the abductees.
= sporadic violations:
- A local source confirmed that the elderly citizen "Muhammad Hassan Mesto" from the people of the village of "Ba'i" - Sherwa, which is under the control of the "Al-Sham Legion" militia, died on 4/6/2021 AD in a hospital in Afrin due to illnesses he suffered as a result of the physical and psychological torture he was subjected to. He was imprisoned in "Isca" by those militias that kidnapped him twice during the months of last April and May, and in addition to their misfortune, the families of the victim paid bribes and ransom money as well.
- A week ago, the "Special Forces - Al-Sham Legion" militia and its leader called "Abdullah Halawa" imposed a night curfew on the village of "Kimar" - Sherwa, and a group of its gunmen stole 30 heads of cattle belonging to the citizen "Idris Hussein" and / 50/ A beehive belonging to "Genghis Najjar".
- Environmental extermination continues in Afrin in many forms, which clearly indicates that it is a systematic crime, including setting fires to forests. The "Civil Defense in Afrin" confirmed that on 06/21/2021 firefighting teams put out fires in about 12 hectares of forests. A forester in Mabta / Maabatli district, and on 06/24/2021 AD, they put out a fire in 10 dunums of forested forests near the village of “Aranda” - Shih / Sheikh Al Hadid.
- The so-called "Abu Suleiman", the leader of the "Al-Sham Legion" militia in the town of "Maidanki", cut down about two hundred olive trees belonging to the citizen "Shukri Mustafa" from the people of the village of "Ba'arafa" - nearby Shara for the purpose of logging, and hundreds of others between the town and the Afrin River, were not We can know the names of the owners.
In the context of chaos and chaos, a car was detonated with an explosive device, this afternoon, near the Maysaloon School in the center of Afrin city, on the Kawa Roundabout highway - Kafr Jannah Road, killing three people, wounding others and causing material damage.
According to the data and facts, the people of Afrin, wherever they are, should not be drawn into the networks of implementing construction projects and model settlement villages or contribute to them in any way and avoid selling their lands to them.
Sources and references:
- Afrin Liberation Network
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