Seven months have passed since 2021, and the crimes and violations committed by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries against Kurdish civilians continue without any deterrent to them. Crime statistics numbers are increasing and the percentage of Kurds inside the occupied city is decreasing.
At the beginning of the current month of August, theft and seizure of Kurdish property were the most prominent, whether the property owner is inside or outside Afrin, as it is subject to theft and seizure with false pretexts and allegations. A series of documentary reports that we are preparing and publishing to communicate these crimes to the public opinion and to humanitarian and human rights organizations. The following report documents these crimes from 1-8-2021 until 6-8-2021.
The weekly statistics of the crimes of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries are as follows:
_ Kidnapping: / 5 / citizens.
_ Release: / 5 / citizens.
_ Cutting and burning trees: / 4 / site and cut down more than / 125 / trees.
_ Theft and seizure: / 7 / cases.
# differentials:
# kidnapping
1_ The mercenaries of the so-called "military police" of the Turkish occupation kidnapped the citizen "Ismail Hassan" known as "Samao Abu Muhammad", an electronics repairer in the Ashrafieh neighborhood on the Servis road, his origins from the city of Azaz and he has been living in the city of Afrin since A long time ago. The "Military Police" mercenaries also confiscated his car and he was taken to an unknown destination, and his fate is still unknown.
2_ On 07/31-2021, the mercenaries of the “military police” of the Turkish occupation kidnapped the citizen “Hamid Hussein Mustafa”, 22 years old, from the village of Al-Ziyara, which belongs to Shirawa district in the occupied city of Afrin. Military police mercenaries kidnapped the citizen “Hamid”. At the checkpoint of the city of Afrin, where the citizen wanted to reach Turkish territory with the aim of traveling to one of the European countries.
The source also reported that the citizen "Hamid" was transferred to the occupied city of Azaz after being kidnapped at one of the checkpoints of the city of Afrin, and his fate is still unknown.
3_ On 8/31/2021, the mercenaries of the "civil police" of the Turkish occupation in Rajo district in the occupied city of Afrin kidnapped the young man, "Rami Qara" bin Omar, from the people of the village of Musaku of the Rajo district in the occupied city of Afrin.
The young Rami was kidnapped in front of his house in the village, and he was taken to the security headquarters in the "Raju" district, after which he was transferred to the notorious Maratah prison.
He accused the kidnapped young man of appearing in one of the old videos on social networks, talking about the need to defend the city of Afrin.
4_5_ The mercenaries of the Turkish occupation carried out a kidnapping campaign on Friday "8-6-2021" in the village of Favertin in the Sherawa district in the occupied city of Afrin, where they kidnapped two citizens: Marwan Sheikho Ali _ Ibrahim Khalil Sheikho, and a mobile phone was confiscated for the citizen: Khalil Jamil Abdo, where they were taken to an unknown destination, and their fate is still unknown.
#Release :
The release of 5 citizens who had been kidnapped on 23-6-2021, they are: “Farmand Hamo (27 years old), Ahmed Youssef bin Hassan (25 years old), his brother Youssef Youssef (18 years old), and Haval Musa (28 years old), in addition to By Jamil Ali (28 years old).
The five young men who were released were tortured inside the security headquarters of the "Al-Sham Legion" faction, and they were also extorted financially, where a ransom was taken from them ranging between 500 and 1000 US dollars from each person.
# burning down trees
1_ On 8-5-2021, the oldest mercenaries of the Turkish occupation set fire to several forest areas in the occupied city of Afrin, where they set fire to the forest hills in Kafr Jannah and Qastal the forest hills in the Mabata / Maabatli and Rajo districts.
Where the civil defense of the Turkish occupation delayed the extinguishing of the fire, as usual, to include the fire in large areas of forest lands, so that the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation cut down the remaining trees and sold them in the local markets in the occupied city of Afrin.
2_ Ahrar al-Sharqiya gunmen cut down 45 olive trees from a field located near the village of Tal Tawil, which is affiliated to the center of Afrin region, and owned by the forcibly displaced Kurdish citizen Muhammad Othman from the people of Juwaiq village, the center of Afrin region.
3_ The armed men of Sultan Murad confiscated nearly 60 thousand olive trees in the villages of Bulbul district / Bulbul district in Afrin countryside, along with all the property of the forcibly displaced citizens who were not in their villages, and withdrew all agencies for the families of the displaced, which authorize them to take care of those properties, including first-degree relatives. Militia gunmen painted trees and confiscated properties to prevent their owners from approaching them.
4_ A group of Al-Ghanana settlers cut down about 50 olive trees in the village of Kfardali Tahtani, with the aim of providing them as fodder for herds of sheep. During the night, the settlers partially cut down about 50 trees in the fields located in the “Maraqa” valley on the road between the villages of Kfardali Tahtani and Fakira, including 20 trees owned by Abdo Murad.
# grabbing _ theft:
1_ On 1/8-2021, I presented the so-called “military police” formed by the Turkish occupation to seize two residential buildings in the Ashrafieh neighborhood in the center of the occupied city of Afrin, and where its gunmen and their families lived, despite the presence of the owners of the two properties in the city and they submitted a request to restore their property after its eviction by an army The Turkish occupation, which was taking it as its military headquarters.
The two residential buildings, which consist of 14 apartments, 4 shops, in addition to warehouses, are owned by each of the citizens (Nadim Sheikho from the village of Kobakieh - Yahya Habash and his brother Zakaria from the village of Chitana), who submitted a request to restore their property to the Turkish occupation authorities, but it was refused. to their owners, and recently housed his gunmen and their families there.
The so-called military police also seized a number of other apartments in those buildings, the owners of which were known (Saffron Mustafa - Rashid Muhammad - Rizan - Al-Mazaina Amal.. and others). The faction also imposed on the one who received his house by renting it to families calculated on it at very symbolic prices.
It is worth noting that the Turkish occupation army has established military bases in a number of villages in the region after displacing their people without providing them with any compensation since the occupation of the region in March 2018, including the villages of Jiyeh, Darwish, Basleh, Jalabari, and the upper part of the village of Telf, in addition to taking and its affiliated factions many Schools and civilian homes serve as military headquarters.
2_ On 8-5-2021: the mercenaries of Al-Hamzat affiliated with the Turkish occupation stole the livestock of the people of the village of Kaza / Tel Ghazi, affiliated to the center of the occupied city of Afrin, on the pretext that it was the property of the leader "Moataz Al-Abdullah", the commander of the Al-Ghab Brigade of the mercenaries of the "Al-Hamzat" division, who issued a decision by the commander of the "Al-Hamzat" division Al-Hamzat, the mercenary "Saif Abu Bakr" on "25-7-2021", was arrested along with all his members who are in the headquarters of the village of "Kazeh" and even the village of "Kafr Shel".
_A group of unknown thieves stole the contents of the water station in the village of Quta / Qutanli, which feeds the villages of Quta, Khalilaka and Barkasheh in the Bulbul / Bulbul district, on Friday 30/7/2021. The stolen items included (cables and batteries for pumps), which led to the station being out of service and stopped Pumping water to the mentioned villages. It is noteworthy that the water pumping station in the village of Qutan was previously robbed twice. The Imprisoned Post reported on 2/4/2020 that the “Sultan Murad” faction had removed the Bahar Relief Society from the task of managing the water station in the village of “Quta / Qutanli, and seized it and put his hand on it to operate the station for him instead of it, and it collects bills from the people.” .
The water pumping station in Qara Kila was robbed twice, most recently on 19/6/2021, and in March 2020, the contents of the Aster station were stolen. While the Al-Waqqas faction exploits the issue of water and imposes royalties on the people in the villages of Senara and Hikja, on the pretext of its pretext. Even the water pumping station in the Maidanki dam was not safe from encroachments and theft. The water was completely cut off on 3/10/2019 due to the sabotage and cutting of the electricity cables.
Seven villages in the Mobata / Maabatli district are still suffering from the problem of securing drinking water, because armed men from the “Sultan Murad and Al-Hamzat” factions stole the contents of the water pumping station and sold them for scrap in the markets.
In a related context to the theft activities, on Sunday 25/7/2021 AD, the Malakshah faction seized the house of an elderly Kurdish citizen, Jalal Abdullah, from the village of Khirbet Shara, and stole all its contents.
It is noteworthy that the citizen Abdullah had left the house earlier, and was forced to leave the area as a result of the pressures exerted on him, against the background of a dispute with his blind brother “Mustafa”, who was staying with him, alone in the house.
3_ Militants of Sultan Suleiman Shah faction (Al-Amshat), led by the so-called Muhammad Al-Jassim Abu Al-Amsha, loyal to the Turkish occupation, have since the beginning of the occupation of the Kurdish region of Afrin in March 2018, seized more than 5,000 thousand olive trees of large ages and 2,000 grapevine bushes belonging to the family of Sheikh Suleiman From the people of the village of Qarmtalq, belonging to the occupied Shih countryside of Afrin, where the forcibly displaced family members reside in the al-Shahba areas under difficult living conditions, and that the faction has benefited from the olive and grape seasons for more than three years and prevents their families from investing it for the benefit of the family’s children on charges of dealing with the previous administration .
Recently, the Turkish occupation authorities, through their councils, abolished the legal agencies that grant the management and investment of the properties of the displaced, and the militants seized all seasons under the supervision of the Turkish intelligence in the region.
4_ Settlers from Ghouta refuse to evict two homes belonging to a Kurdish widow in Afrin..and in the document: Factions loyal to the Turkish occupation plan to seize the property of 3 Kurdish citizens in Afrin, including a well-known businessman..on charges of loyalty to the Syrian regime. Gwatna settlers seize two homes belonging to the Kurdish woman “Kali Muhammad.” She is from the village of Hekjeh/Jenderes, and they refuse to evict them, although she submitted a request to return the two houses to the so-called “Restitution Committee” and the Civil Police faction.
The two houses are located near the Bilal Mosque in the Ashrafieh district.
5_ A robbery took place in the house of the elderly Kurdish citizen “Muhammad Khalil Abu Khalil,” who is from the village of Kemar - Afrin center, which is located near the “Rush” school, although the house is located near the headquarters of the Levant Front faction (the headquarters of the Osu group).
The thefts included two gas cylinders, an electric battery, a mobile device, and a sum of 1,400 Turkish liras.
6_ The so-called “Anti-Terrorism Department” of the Military Police faction has submitted a request to the Public Prosecutor in the occupied city of Afrin, demanding to stop the agencies granted to three Kurdish citizens, expatriates and forcibly displaced, in preparation for the seizure of their property on charges of loyalty to the Syrian regime. According to the document, the Anti-Terrorism Department demanded from the Attorney General of the Occupation Court in the occupied city of Afrin, to withdraw the public agencies granted by the local councils to the families of:
1- Ali Issa bin Mustafa from the village of Joqi, born in 1970 (a businessman residing in the UAE).
2- Nowruz Kadro, daughter of Ahmed, her mother, Fatima, born in 1976
3- Suleiman Shaabo bin Muhammad Ali, his mother, Maryam, was born with my hero, 1962.
The armed faction claimed that the three citizens were dealing with the Syrian regime and living in its areas of control, with the aim of seizing more of their properties in the city of Afrin.
Factions loyal to the Turkish occupation, "the National Army", are seeking to seize more property of the people of Afrin, whether those in the area or those forcibly displaced from it, as well as the expatriates among them, by canceling the agencies issued by the occupation councils, where the "Sultan Murad" faction recently informed the people of The village under him in Bulbul/Bulbul district, by canceling the agencies granted to them, as a prelude to seizing tens of thousands of olive trees and agricultural lands.
7- Turkish intelligence has expelled the citizen, Muhammad Ahmed Amouneh, who is known as “Abu Ahmed” from his house “Villa” located near the junction of the village of Maidanki and the entrance to the Rif’atiya neighborhood in the city of Jindires, and then transferred it to the headquarters of the “military police” faction after fencing it with concrete walls and raising the flag. Turkish it.
The citizen “Amouna” is a resident of Baflor village - Jindires district, and he is currently residing in a rented house in the city.
The incident is only a continuation of the continuous robbery and seizure operations since the occupation of Afrin, in addition to preventing the Turkish occupation forces and the factions loyal to them in many villages from returning the indigenous people to their homes and properties after seizing them, on the pretext that they have become military headquarters for the factions loyal to them, or that settlers from Armed people have settled out!

• The Turkish intelligence had turned the house of a displaced Kurdish citizen into a special security headquarters for those arrested from the Kurdish citizens in the occupied region of Afrin.
The ownership of the house belongs to the Kurdish citizen “Hajj Manan”, who is from the village of “Matina / Matnli”, and it is located on the road between Matina - Sharran, where the “Sultan Murad Division” faction used to seize it, until it was recently handed over to Turkish intelligence.
The security headquarters is the most dangerous in the region, given that the detainee he reaches is transferred to Turkish territory, noting that various forms of torture and abuse are practiced there against Kurdish detainees.
Source: Afrin Activists Network
Translation: Geostrategic Studies Team