Since the Taliban took management of Afghanistan, reports have unfold of plundering and executions across the country. Afghans based mostly in capital of Afghanistan are causation messages to their friends abroad regarding Taliban ground troops hunting feminine journalists and doctors in comprehensive searches. The leadership of the Taliban has been at pains to spread a really totally different message. they need disorganized to order their service to work with restraint and to steer all Afghans of their sensible intentions. Taliban leaders have declared a general amnesty for anyone who worked for the previous regime; asked organization and journalists, as well as women, to return to work; and even reached bent on minority teams to assuage their concerns. the highest of the Taleban hierarchy, several of whom have spent years abroad throughout the recently all over war, clearly intend on presenting themselves as benign and reformed rulers who crave legitimacy among Afghans and recognition from the international community .Far less clear is whether or not the rank-and-file Taliban members currently governing everything of Afghanistan want an equivalent a lot of less how, and at whose expense, any ensuing tensions at intervals the Taliban can get resolved. A day once getting into Kabul, the group’s leading spokesperson, Zabiullah Mujahid, conducted a protracted conference within the town within which he aforementioned the Taleban failed to look for revenge and wouldn't execute anyone who had antecedently opposed them. He additionally assured the protection of women’s rights at intervals an monotheism framework, the formation of an comprehensive government, and continuous protection to foreign embassies. 
On the otherside Pakistan's role for inclusive arrangement in Afghanistan being recognised world over: Qureshi 
Foreign Minister of Pakistan Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Monday said Pakistan's part within the thrust to form an "comprehensive" political course of action in Afghanistan taking after US withdrawal was being "perceived world over". Addressing a press conference in Islamabad, the serve said that Pakistan, with the assistance of a few territorial players, was encouraging an course of action in Afghanistan that would have "broad-based representation and more extensive adequacy.
By Usman Khan Aurakzai, a columnist, a freelance TV correspondent and Geostrategist on the changing Diplomatic ,Political and Regional Dynamics of world Based in Islamabad Pakistan.