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The Al-Hol camp is located in the countryside of the city of Al-Hasakah in the Kurdish autonomous region in northern and eastern Syria, where this camp houses around 60,000 families of the extremist organization ISIS.
After the fall of the IS state, this camp was set up by the Kurdish forces "Syrian Democratic Forces" with the support of the international coalition led by the United States of America with the Syrian Democratic Forces against IS.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights described the camp as a "state of al-Hol", especially in light of the killings and assassinations carried out by ISIS cells, in which they target refugees and officials inside the camp, in addition to members of the Asayish.
He explained that this situation caused the deaths of 42 people, including two Asayish members, 31 Iraqi refugees, including children and women, in addition to 11 Syrians inside the camp, including a child and three women.
The observatory fears that what is happening in the al-Hol camp will bring “chaos to the region,” noting that the “explosion” of the crisis in the camp may affect the region and the world.
He called on the UN Security Council and international organizations to work to "stop the crimes and violations committed ... by ISIS, and to establish specialized courts to try them."
And last April, the Kurdish forces announced the arrest of 125 ISIS members inside the camp, after the increase in the number of killings.
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The arrest of 125 ISIS elements in the Al-Hol camp in northern Syria by the People's Protection Units
The arrest of 125 ISIS elements in the Al-Hol camp in northern Syria by the People's Protection Units
The commander of the US Central Command, Kenneth McKenzie, said last week in a webinar that finding solutions to the problem of al-Hol camp in Syria cannot be talked about without "adopting an international approach."
During a symposium entitled "US strategy priorities in the Middle East and the obstacles it faces", he expressed his concern over "the future of refugees and displaced persons in his area of ​​responsibility, such as al-Hol camp in Syria, where this camp receives thousands of foreign wives and children of those involved with ISIS."
McKenzie indicated in previous statements that despite the defeat of ISIS in the region, some of its fighters are still in areas between Syria and Iraq.
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