Despite the chaos and chaos prevailing in the occupied region of Afrin, and the continuation of punishments and general corruption, the scheme of demographic change supervised by Turkey is proceeding at a regular pace, as it was recently announced the inauguration of the model settlement “Kuwait Al-Rahma” village, and work continues on the construction of “Basma” village, south of the village. Shadireh” - Sherwa and others.
The following are facts of the violations and crimes committed:
= Qenterê village:
It belongs to the Mabta district / Maabatli and is 500 m away from its center. It consisted of / 200 / houses, and there were a thousand original Kurdish residents, all of them were displaced during the Turkish aggression, and only / 40 families = 200 people / returned from them, and about / 150 families were settled = 800 people/ of those recruited there, most of whom are from Ghouta and Rastan.
The village is controlled by the "Syrian Front" militia, which has military headquarters in the town of Maabatli. The Turkish army used the villa of the citizen "Hassan Hamo" as a military headquarters, but they evacuated it some time ago.
With the bombing during the war and as a result of the explosion of landmines, six houses belonging to the citizens “Sheikho Ibo Shasho, Manan Aref, Muhammad Husayn Haider, Ahmad Hajiko, Muhammad Kifu, Muhammad Usayh” were completely destroyed, and the two houses of “Ayoub Haider, Muhammad Omar Ali” were partially damaged.
The militia stole most of the contents of the houses before the return of some of the residents, including supplies, copper and glass utensils, tools, gas cylinders, electric power supplies, etc., and a section of the public electricity and landline telephone network cables, and an electric generating set (amperes) belonging to "Mohammed Omar Ali"; Cars (Kia Rio taxi for "Ali Muhammad Murad", Saba taxi for "Mustafa Youssef", taxi for "Nizar Muhammad Youssef") were stolen after they left them in the city of Afrin during the recent displacement.
The militia seizes most of the properties of the forcibly displaced, including for "Mohamed Hassan, Amin Jallo, Awlad Ibish, 3000 olive trees for the late Brigadier General Manan Ali", and imposes 10-15% on the production of the remaining citizens' seasons, in addition to the thefts that have been prolonged and still Seasons of olives, grapes, sumac and others, in addition to the overgrazing of sheep by shepherds supported by the armed men, as well as the unjust cutting of /60/ olive trees belonging to the late Manan Ali.
As a result of the bombing of the village on 24/2/2018, the child "Ibrahim Rashid Rasho / 5 years" was martyred and his brother "Hussain Rashid Rasho / 9 years" and his father were injured, after the family was displaced from the village of "Jolaka" - Jindires to "Qantara". .
Among the villagers, the following were martyred:
- Nizar Muhammad Yusuf, 39 years old, on March 20, 2018, when a landmine exploded in a house in the village.
- Muhammad Youssef Youssef / 69 / years old, on 2/4/2018 AD, following the explosion of a landmine on a road in the village.
- Masoud Manan Omar, 35 years old, on April 9, 2018, as a result of a landmine explosion in front of his neighbors' house in the village.
- The two sibling children "Siamand Sheikh Naasan bin Ahmed /8/year, Hassan Sheikh Naasan bin Ahmed /11/year", on 28/4/2018 AD, as a result of a landmine explosion in the yard of an abandoned house in the village.
- Aref Hussein Jallo / 62 years old, on June 29, 2018, as a result of a landmine explosion near his house in the village.
The remaining residents of the village were also subjected to various types of violations, including kidnapping and arbitrary arrest of most of them, accompanied by insults, torture and material extortion, some of them more than once. Since 4/31/2018 AD; On 28/8/2018, a masked armed group raided the house of the late lawyer Daoud Omar - the deputy head of the local council of the town of Mabta at the time - and severely beat him, his wife Amina and his sister Sultana, and he was subsequently transferred to a hospital in Afrin for treatment.
The Islamic hill and shrine of "Berbeʼûş", located between the town of "Mabta" and the villages of "Qantara and Araba", were subjected to excavation, excavation and sabotage with heavy machinery in search of antiquities and treasures and their theft, which led to the settlement of the hill almost completely.
= Hucemala village:
It belongs to Rajo district and is /6/ km away from its center in the north. It consists of about 80 houses, in which there were about 250 original Kurdish inhabitants. Settling about / 100 families = 600 people / there.
During the aggression, the house of Haider Qarmo was partially destroyed by shelling.
The "Al-Sham Legion" militia took control of the village, and stole the contents of all the houses, in whole or in part, from supplies, glass copper utensils, home furniture, gas cylinders, electrical appliances, electrical-solar energy supplies, etc., as well as cables and trans- cables of the public electricity network, and two electric generating sets, and/ 6/ Agricultural tractors with accessories belonging to "Mohammed Majid, Hassan Majid, Nuri Majid, Ismail Bilal, Aref Hussein...".
It seized the homes of all the absentees and the olive press belonging to "Ismail Bilal" and stole all its machines, in addition to kidnapping and torturing him and throwing him next to his house while he was on the verge of death. They were arrested two days after he left.
Royalties are also imposed (50%) on the production of seasons for absent citizens and /3%/ on the production of seasons for those who are present among them.
As a result of the bombing of Avrîn Hospital on February 13, 2018, shrapnel from the shells hit a taxi standing in front of it. The driver, Radwan Hussein bin Muhammad, born in 1985, was martyred from the village, and Abdo Ali Hassan, a civilian, went missing while performing The duty to defend the region, and his fate is still unknown.
= Opening of a model settlement village:
On August 30, 2021 AD, the model settlement "Kuwait Al-Rahma" village was opened, near the village of "Khalta" - Sherwa in Mount Lilon, located 10 km east of the city of Afrin, which was built by the "Sham Al-Khair Association - Turkey" It includes /380/ residential apartments, a mosque, a school, a clinic, an institute for memorizing the Qur’an and a commercial market, in order to settle and own the recruits, in order to consolidate the reality of demographic change in the region; Where the start of the project was announced by the "Local Council in Afrin" on April 17, 2021 AD; While that small village of "Khalta" was almost completely destroyed by aerial bombardment by the Turkish army on 31/1/2018 AD, its residents were forcibly displaced and prevented from returning to it.
= Kidnapping, arbitrary arrests, and the release of forcibly disappeared persons:
- On Sunday evening, August 29, 2021 AD, the militia of the "Sultan Malakshah Division" and its leader in the Shara / Sharran district, called "Abu Shaman", kidnapped the citizen "Muhammad Bahri Muhammad / 43 / years old" from the village of "Koblak", and took him to their headquarters in the Ma'sara building. "Hamadoush" for olives at the junction of the village of "Khirbet Shara" was seized and subjected to torture, on the pretext that a pickup car in his possession belonged to the Democratic Union Party (PYD), and the car was confiscated the next day, and "Muhammad" is still under enforced detention.
- On Monday evening, August 30, 2021 AD, the militias of the "Al-Waqqas Brigade" raided the homes of citizens "Azad Kamal Hassan / 32 / years old, Aref Muhammad Shukri / 32 / years old" in the village of "Anqla" - Shih / Sheikh Al Hadid, and took them to its headquarters in the village of The neighboring "Marawaneh", to release them the next day after torturing them, in the context of tightening its control over the village, whose residents have repeatedly complained about its practices with other parties.
The occupation authorities arrested:
- On 08/24/2021 AD, the 35-year-old citizen, Faeq Abdo Mustafa Qara, from the village of “Afraz”-Mabta/Mabatli, after returning with his family from the city of Aleppo and the destination of his displacement, was taken to Afrin center, and on the same day he was arrested His brother Mohieldin and released him hours later.
Late last month, Jalal Abdullah Ibrahim, 38, from the village of Abboudan - Bulbul, was arrested by the Military Police, several days after he returned with his family from Aleppo city to the point of his displacement, and paid a royalty of about two thousand dollars. The militias controlling the village, under the pretext of regularizing his situation, released him after five days of imprisonment.
- On August 31, 2021 AD, the lawyer "Manan Ahmed Bayram / 42 years old" from the village of "Kila" - Bulbul, was arrested by the "military police" in the town of Rajo, on charges of having a relationship with the former Autonomous Administration, and he was transferred to the city of Afrin.
- On 30/8/2021 AD, citizens “Luqman Rashid Bakr / 45 years old, Shaker Hassan Jaafar / 27 years old, Muhammad Zakaria Muhammad (Jaro) / 25 years old, and Muhammad Manan Ibish / 45 years old” from the town of “Baadina” ”, by the “Raghu Military Police”, where the latter was released the next day after paying a fine, and the rest are still in detention.
The citizens, "Muhammad Rashid Othman, Luqman Abdul Rahman Haider" from the same town, were also fined 1,500/ Turkish lira each, by the "Prosecutor's Judge in Raju" without their detention.
Released forcibly disappeared persons:
- "Mustafa Ibrahim Kil Ebo" from the town of "Maidan Akbis" - Rajo, on August 31, 2021 AD, who was arrested three years ago.
- "Mustafa Habib Sido" from the village of "Kaunda - Medana" - Rajo, on August 31, 2021 AD, who was arrested three and a half years ago.
- "Mahmoud Osu" from the village of "Khalinira" - Afrin, several days ago, who was arrested nearly three years ago.
= sporadic violations:
- Starting on August 28, 2021, and within days, the militias of "Special Forces - Al-Sham Legion" and its leader in the village of "Burj Abdalo" - Sherwa, called Abdo Othman, who comes from the village of Kafr Halab - western Aleppo countryside, imposed a royalty of 100 dollars on each Yezidi family. Where there are /50/ families currently in the village, along with Muslim families, including poor families.
Three roads leading to the orchards and agricultural fields in the vicinity of the village are still closed with earthen mounds by these militias, since August 17, 2021 AD, in order to blackmail the residents and force them to pay royalties in exchange for opening them.
- On 9/1/2021 AD, a number of recruits assaulted a Kurdish elderly man, "Muhammad Darwish Maho, nicknamed (Titi) / 70 years old", from the village of "Bikih" - Bulbul with severe beatings. And that was while he was grazing his livestock in an olive field for him and asking him to return his electric saw that had been stolen by those recruits in front of his eyes.
= Chaos, chaos and bombing of Afrin:
- On August 29, 2021, clashes took place between the militias of the "Sultan Murad Division" and the "Military Police" in the center of Bulbul district, resulting in injuries between the two parties.
- At 6 pm on Monday, August 30, 2021, eight rockets fell on the city of Afrin and its outskirts, fired from the direction of the Syrian army and the Russian influence, causing six injuries and material damage to a residential building.
- On 9/1/2021 AD, clashes took place between the remnants of the "Al-Ghab Brigade" militia, led by the so-called Moataz Al-Abdullah, who were expelled from the militia of the "Al-Hamzat Division" and other groups of the division, in the villages of "Faqira, Julaka, Kazeh, Konde Mazn, Maratha." , Darker, Jogé", due to the dispute over the loot and the seizure of homes and property of the people, amidst the people's intimidation.
- On 3/9/2021 AD, heavily armed groups of the "Syrian Front" militia took control of the villages of "Joguih, Darkir", after expelling the fighting "Hamzat" groups from them, to expand their influence in Ma'batli district, which witnessed a military alert two days ago, on Background to the permanent conflict between the various militias of the so-called "Syrian National Army" linked to the Syrian-Brotherhood coalition and loyal to Turkey.
= forest fires:
At the end of the summer, the series of burning forests in Afrin, which has been subjected to extermination since the invasion of the region, did not stop. The "Civil Defense in Afrin" reported that its teams had put out on August 29, 2021 AD a fire in the forest areas in the village of "Qastal", as well as on 3/9/2021AD Fires in forests near the villages of “Kafr Jannah-Sharra, Basuta-Shirwa, Khalta-Jenderes”, as the area of ​​the latter is estimated at /2/ha; After the fires are over, as usual, the rest of the trees are cut down by the recruits, the armed men and their leaders, for the purpose of logging, under the pretext that they have become dry.
As long as the "Syrian National Army" militias live in the reality of humiliation, subordination and mercenary with Turkey, it is natural for them to fight over looted and spheres of influence, and continue to violate and commit crimes, and spread terror and terror among civilians.
- Three destroyed houses in the village of "Qantara" - Maabatli.
The martyrs "Ibrahim Rashid Rasho, Nizar Muhammad Yusuf, Muhammad Yusuf Yusuf, Masoud Manan Omar, Siyamand Sheikh Naasan bin Ahmed, Hassan Sheikh Naasan bin Ahmed
Arif Hussain Jallow.
- Tell and shrine "Barboush" - before and after excavation and excavation.
Forcibly Disappeared "Runak Ibish bin Muhammad Fattah" - the village of "Qantara" - Maabtali, 4/31/2021 AD.
- "Kuwait Al-Rahma" model settlement village.
- An earthen berm in front of one of the roads leading to the orchards and fields of the village of "Burj Abdalo" - Sherwa.
- The elderly person with a body injury, "Muhammad Darwish Maho".
- Fire in Qastal Forest - Afrin, "Civil Defense", August 29, 2021 AD, showing previous cutting of trees.
Media Office of the Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria
Preparation and translation: the Geo-strategic team for studies