The Jenderes massacre revealed the hidden crimes of the Syrian opposition in Afrin

The ugliness of the crime and the space-time was sufficient to raise it in the media, to be a gateway to reveal the suffering of the remaining civilians of Afrin under the weight of the daily liquidation and by multiple methods.
Such crimes were taking place daily in Afrin, through arbitrary arrests, ethnic liquidation of identity, organized displacement operations to empty the region of the Kurdish presence, kidnappings of children, women and youth, and the practice of extortion. However, the failure to shed light on it due to the state of secrecy and the threats that the people receive at the hands of mercenary groups that transgress all heavenly and international norms, and their continuation in committing security atrocities and abhorrent terrorism, to the extent that the suffering of the indigenous "Kurds" at the hands of the displaced arrivals from Damascus, Homs, Hama, Aleppo and Deir Ezzor And other cities that witnessed the Syrian civil war between the army of the Syrian regime and its opponents from the various groups, and as a result of the agreements that took place between the Turkish and Iranian intelligence services in sharing the Syrian cake between two influences that are opposing in public and agreeing in secret.
Turkish revenge against the Kurds has emerged in the actions and actions of the Syrian mercenary groups
Ethnic liquidation is being carried out by predatory groups against Kurdish citizens and under daily threat without supervision and under the auspices of the Turkish occupation. And in light of the international silence and the organizations that deal with the violations taking place in Qattara and without touching the current reality, until the Jandris massacre took place shortly after the earthquake that destroyed the region, as Jandris was famous for the moment of the earthquake as a major center that witnessed mass victims, so that this Kurdish town was under the gaze of the media. Here comes the sensitivity of the crime committed by the mercenaries against a Kurdish family in Jandris on the night of Newroz, where the people used to light a fire as a sign of celebrating the holiday, as usual. Where a group of mercenaries belonging to the faction known as Ahrar al-Sharqiya opened live bullets on citizens in front of their homes, and this led to the death of four Kurdish citizens and the wounding of others.
According to eyewitnesses: These mercenaries chanted, "Oh, pigs, infidels!"
It is known about the Ahrar al-Sharqiya faction that most of them are members and leaders of ISIS who fled Deir ez-Zor and Raqqa with the liberation of the Syrian Democratic Forces to their last stronghold in the town of Baghouz in the countryside of Deir ez-Zor, and that they left under the auspices of the Turkish occupation and were trained by its forces, funded and unleashed in the Kurdish areas in the north Syria. Perhaps the real knowledge about these mercenary elements confirms to us their vengeful nature against the Kurdish people, because the Kurdish forces, with the participation of the Arab clans, destroyed their so-called "Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant."
Absolutely, those Syrian mercenary groups, when they entered the Afrin region on the back of Turkish tanks, first began to bring down the statue of Kawa the blacksmith, which symbolizes Newroz - and freedom, and thus those groups unleashed the nature of their project and the form of their racist identity based on extremism through the terrorist practices that these groups showed. In its dealings with the Kurdish element in the region.
Dictator and mercenary

It is ironic that the Syrian regime allocated Al-Fayhaa Stadium in the center of the capital, Damascus, to the Kurdish celebrations of Nowruz, while the people of Jandris and Afrin were confronting the savage groups that opened fire on civilians in cold blood. At a time when the regime is known as the abhorrent dictator, while these mercenaries from the Syrian opposition are the revolutionaries who claim the freedom revolution in Syria against the dictatorship!
In fact, the armed opposition today is a bad copy of the Syrian regime, as the identity of the regime is clearly defined by its bad characteristics and practices, while the armed opposition and its political umbrella represented by the coalition appeared in the worst form in terms of actions and visions, and its practices sought criminality and terrorism, and what the regime did not do. This opposition has openly practiced criminality, through groups that carry organized terrorism within it, and agree with the dictatorial regime on the horizon, to the extent that it can be described as the regime's striking tools within the Syrian opposition.

Golani the meek lamb!?

At a time when these predatory groups operating under the banner of the opposition coalition and under many names, the greatest of which is what is known as the "National Army", practiced the crime of Jandris, fears and flight from the terror of these groups pushed the Kurdish civilian population from Jandris and others on Newroz night after the massacre, to the Atmeh area located Under the control of al-Julani, where they were received by Jabhat al-Nusra "Al-Shamia", led by al-Julani himself!, who vowed to protect them from the mercenary groups amidst whistling, applause, slogans and cameras that publicly broadcast the event.
These groups, called the National Army, are supposed to be the body that protects Kurdish civilians by virtue of the fact that the coalition partners and mercenary groups are a Kurdish party, the "Kurdish National Council" concerned with that, and whose executives have been keeping suspicions away from the crimes committed in Afrin. Perhaps the statements of one of its most prominent leaders called "Abdul Hakim Bashar" were reassuring and calling for the return of the people of Afrin to their villages and neighborhoods, and he accused the Autonomous Administration of leading propaganda against the National Army and the Coalition, and that Afrin is a thousand good?!!, but the whole truth became clear with the aggressive actions of these mercenary groups Which has become all its concern to kill the Kurds over the identity, and channeling its hatred and racial, Saddamist and Baathist hatred on the heads of the defenseless Kurds, who remain in Afrin under the whips of daily threat and continuous liquidation.
Everyone is aware that al-Julani is classified on the terrorist lists, so were the remaining Kurds in Afrin pushed in this way by the Turkish occupation and mercenary groups to protect al-Julani? It is a Turkish intelligence strategy - the Syrian regime to include these civilian Kurds in Afrin within the framework that they are supporters of Jabhat al-Nusra, which is classified on the terrorist lists And the world view of the Kurds is projected as staunch fighters against terrorism, "ISIS and Al-Qaeda ... and others"!!??.
In fact, al-Jabha al-Shamiyya and its leader al-Julani are extremists, but they are organized, in the sense of "organized terrorism", while the mercenary groups that occupy Afrin, Jarablus, Azaz, al-Bab, Qabasin, Ras al-Ain (Sere-Kaniye) and Tal Abyad are mercenaries and bandits by all standards and the extent of the crimes they have committed. These groups' ugliness exceeded what the Syrian regime and Iranian militias committed.

The ongoing genocide against the Kurds

It is clear that the main goal behind the Jandris massacre is to restore chaos and instability and push the Kurds to flee again after the return of thousands of Kurdish families to their homes in Afrin, and to allow the Turkmen battalions to control the region, through the use of the Arab battalions whose formations belong to the ISIS elements. Fleeing from the Syrian areas that witnessed liberation at the hands of the Syrian Democratic Forces and the expulsion of these ISIS, who found in Turkey an incubator, trainer, financier and organizer of their actions against the Kurds in the occupied Syrian north.
Turkey is exploiting the hatred and enmity of the fleeing ISIS elements and the Saddamist Baathists against the Kurds, and the nature of the crimes committed by these groups against Kurdish civilians clearly shows this fact.
The operation is taking place in full swing by the Turkish intelligence in striking the Sunni Arabs with the Kurds in return for creating a long-term enmity, and extending it to the Autonomous Administration areas that are witnessing cohesion between the Syrian peoples "Kurds - Arabs ... and the rest", just as the code of what the Syrian Democratic Forces are witnessing is Strength, unity, union and development, but a natural result of the brotherhood of peoples and coexistence created by the Autonomous Administration among its components, and striking this union has become a clear path for the Turkish regime and the savage Syrian groups. And the Iranian regime and militias. It may be among the decisions agreed upon by the guarantor countries in the Asitana agreements.


It immediately requires the concerted efforts of the Kurdish political movement and its administrations in Syria and Iraq in order to protect the Kurdish civilians in Afrin, in addition to unifying positions with the Syrian revolutionary movement, which has begun to realize the seriousness of the Turkish intervention and its hostile practices in striking Syrians with each other, and the reality of the savage groups in the occupied areas. . This requires a real move towards international organizations and bodies concerned with human rights, to communicate the suffering of the remaining Kurds in Afrin, and to show the reality of the savage groups of the opposition that rule the region, in front of public opinion and human rights and international organizations, and to move towards demanding that these groups be classified on the list of terrorism and legal prosecution. Where its practices and practiced terrorism exceeded all international norms and covenants.
The Kurdistan Regional Government, in turn, can play a prominent role in bringing about change within the Turkish occupation areas, especially the Kurdistan Democratic Party, which is allied with the Kurdish National Council, which in turn is one of the main components of the opposition coalition allied with the Turkish occupation, as this coalition leads what is known as the interim government. And the mercenary groups deployed in all areas of the Turkish occupation. It could play a prominent role in the issue of introducing Kurdish forces to protect the Kurdish presence in Afrin, and here the Rojava Peshmerga can play an important role, as they are affiliated with the Kurdish Council, and the Council is part of the Coalition and the Interim Government that manages these groups.
On the other hand, it requires the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Autonomous Administration to move towards transferring the grievances of Afrin at this stage to the international community, support the establishment of human rights committees to move towards universality in this path, and direct all energies towards communicating the scale of the disasters that occur in Afrin to the international community, especially if The Syrian Democratic Forces will be one of the most important partners of the international coalition led by the United States of America in the fight against terrorism and extremism.
This collective Kurdish movement will have a great impact in changing the course of what is happening in Afrin in terms of injustice and criminality at the hands of the aggressive and vengeful groups against the Syrian Kurdish citizens.

اضف تعليق

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