To please Türkiye and its abnormalities.. They gave it Kurds?!!

آدمن الموقع
The Editorial Board of the Geostrategic Network for Studies
Submission to Turkish conditions and blackmail forces some countries in the European club to give up their principles on democracy, freedoms and human rights, so that those sacred principles turn into a fragile spider's web that is violated by simply putting interests before rights, as if these fake democracies are bypassed as soon as they conflict with private interests.
Over the past decades, human rights and the defense of peoples' issues have not been a path for countries that talk about democracy, and here we mean the Kurdish issue, because of its specificity and its direct connection with a NATO member state, Turkey, and since its geography helped force Western powers to take a position of silence regarding their terrorist practices. Against the Kurdish presence, and although the millions of Kurdish immigration to Western countries posed a dilemma, adopting the policy of silence, acceptance, and acquiescence has become famous in European countries, and this may be their right to give priority to their interests over the rights of others, but the problem is that the only outlet that peoples eager for freedom looks at is the states Western, in contrast to the eastern camp and third world countries that practice security atrocities and daily terrorism against those who disagree with it. There is no longer any real refuge for any activist around the world to get rid of the extortionist regimes that practice terror against the Kurdish people.

NATO membership in exchange for the delivery of the Kurds!

One of the malicious paradoxes is that the conditions that the Turkish regime places on any dealings or relations with any country in the world link it directly to the extent of those countries’ relations and positions with the parties and the Kurdish issue, to the extent that the practice of continuous blackmail by the Turkish regime has become a tool to force many countries to submit Turkey's malicious desires, and perhaps we have all seen the conditions by which Turkey accepted the membership of both Finland and Sweden to join NATO, and they are the same conditions that it placed on all Western countries for Turkey to remain an ally to it, "the status of the Kurdistan Workers' Party" and all of the Kurds who oppose Turkish policies, on Terror List. And forcing those countries to hand over any Kurdish activist who has Turkish citizenship to the Turkish guillotine, which fines every Kurd who opposes the barbaric and brutal Turkish policies against the Kurdish people.
And if we look at Turkish relations with all countries, we will find the Kurdish file at the top of the priorities that Turkey is looking into, and as a prerequisite for the features of any agreements is that these countries do not provide any support to the Kurds. And if Türkiye enters into negotiations with any party, you will find that these countries surrender to Turkish blackmail. And the Turkish conditions are clear: "Give us a Kurd." The other Kurd is waiting for his turn to be bargained for, to be presented as a ram in exchange for Turkish appeasement.

Geographical curse

One of the absurdities of the geographic curse that haunts the Kurds in their historical homeland and in the countries of exile is that it is a card that can be bargained upon whenever the countries and regimes occupying Kurdistan and deal with it willingly or within the context of international compulsion and circumstance.
It is said in the Turkish proverb, "Wherever I find a Kurd, I kill him, and a good Kurd is the one who is under the soil." While al-Kurdi says, "If a Kurd lays the foundation of a house for him in Mars, the occupying regimes of Kurdistan will work to reach him to kill him there," and the Turkish security authorities and their partners consider The Iranian and Syrian regimes say that the Kurdish regimes in the Middle East and beyond are a continuous liquidation project, especially intellectuals, politicians, activists and intellectuals. This is the class that these regimes find a threat to their existence. In fact, they link the existence of their regimes to the extent of their persecution and killing of the Kurd.
Therefore, these regimes deliberately obscure the Kurdish identity, its history, and its role in the formative activities of Middle Eastern societies, in exchange for accepting a Kurdish on demand, subject to the will of others, stripped of the sense of its national belonging, and must remain within the framework of primitive tribalism that is not interacting with human development and its necessities in preserving On his cause and his independence, he is influenced by the misleading Sufi orders that are run by political groups that cover themselves with religious cloaks.
It may be the process of mental absenteeism for a possible period of time through the practice of terrorism, ethnic liquidation, and spreading fear within society, which is indeed what the Turkish, Syrian, Persian, and Iraqi criminal regimes have implemented for decades, but this helped to increase Kurdish interaction and the emergence of a segment that resorted to struggle with all its means in confronting the killing machine. promiscuous.

In physics, "pressure generates an explosion," which is exactly what happened. The terrorist practices that were practiced against the Kurds led, in the end, to continuous military confrontations for a whole century, without those countries realizing the fact that the violent behaviors practiced against the Kurdish people failed, and resorting to the language of dialogue and solution, Solving the Kurdish issue within the framework of entities, large parts of which were built on the demographics of Kurdistan. However, these regimes and the aides of the gallows did not understand this fact, and this caused the continuation of the existing confrontations.

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