Kobani International Film Festival and the remarkable development in its fourth session (+ photo)

آدمن الموقع
Prepared by: Shana Qasim / Special: Geostrategic Studies
Good organization, great effort, and workshops carried out by the Preparatory Committee are the reason for the success of the Kobani International Film Festival in its fourth session, which was held in the German city of Bochum between the 9-10 of September, with the heavy presence of the Kurdish community and dozens of academics, artists, media professionals, and representatives of organizations. The Kurdish parties and the Syrians. In addition to the remarkable presence of some German officials and parliamentarians.
The opening ceremony witnessed a group of folkloric songs performed by artist Mejo Kindash, which were closest to the extra, followed by a showing of four films on the first day and four others on the second day, as chosen by the festival’s preparatory committee, in Kurdish, Armenian, Estonian and Turkish languages, including silent films.
The nature of the festival this year took on an international character, as 2,165 films from 121 countries reached the preparatory committee. German and American artistic and directorial figures attended this year, in addition to their analysis of the festival’s idea and its development.
The financial supporter and services were not absent this year, especially since their number increased from the previous sessions, and although the culture of the supporter did not crystallize within the Kurdish community, the process of encouragement that this festival succeeded in providing may open the door to more investors and supporters during the upcoming sessions.
The festival also witnessed, at the closing ceremony, the presence of a distinguished guest coming from the Kurdistan region of Iraq, the artist Zirk Mira, who designed the statue of the Free Woman. A short film was shown about the process of designing the statue in the Kurdistan region for several months, and then the journey to bring it to the city of Kobani and erect it in one of the main squares in the center of the city. As a symbol of gratitude and commemoration of the efforts of Kurdish women who fought alongside men in eliminating ISIS. He was honored for his great efforts, especially since the festival’s prizes since the first session are of the same design as the statue of the Free Woman.
The festival awards this year were different, as they were made of bronze, and the size of the costs was remarkable. In order to develop the festival further, it must be supported, which requires the Kurdish incubator, its companies, and its merchants to give the greatest attention to pushing the preparation committee for development and progress during the next session.
Wayne Craves Member of the jury of the Kobani International Film Festival Wayne A. Graves is an American producer, director, and photographer in Hollywood. Wayne began his life as a sound technician, and moved between the worlds of music and cinema over the course of thirty years.
Director Heidi Kranz, member of the jury at the Kobani International Film Festival, German director and producer, holds a degree in film production.
Director Laura Thies
Member of the jury of the Kobani International Film Festival
German director, producer and actress, holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theater and a Master of Arts in Media Studies and International Affairs.


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