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Armed groups affiliated with the Turkish occupation are still practicing ethnic persecution against the people of Afrin region, and they are trying by various means to push the remainder of the Afrin into forced displacement through the daily racist practices committed by these multiple groups, as the armed brigades exchange roles in committing daily crimes, and sharing the remainder of the Farms and homes, as well as the daily fighting between these elements over shares, farms and homes stolen from the people.
The creation of daily arguments by these groups against the people of Afrin clinging to the land varied between accusations of dealing and communicating with self-management, these arguments that these groups are using in their terrorist operations and organized arrests against civilians, as the villages and towns of Afrin have become part of the properties of these brigades that were distributed among Some of them are provinces and regions, with the knowledge and patronage of the Turkish occupation army that launched the hand of these terrorist groups, as the Turkish occupation, which succeeded in emptying the region of the Kurdish presence, about 90%, aimed behind this scheme to end the Kurdish presence in this vital region for the Kurds in Syria and the future of their cause, in addition to transforming the Kurdish majority, who was 99% in the entire region of Afrin, into a small minority surrounded by terrorist groups, families and families of extremists from the remnants of ISIS, Turkmen, and racist brigades that emerged from Daraa, Damascus, Homs, Hama, Aleppo and others, in agreement with the Syrian and Iranian regime and under Russian auspices.
These daily criminal operations of the Turkish occupation and the Syrian mercenary groups affiliated with the coalition are matched by a terrible international silence, as international organizations are still content with shy reports that do not rise to the scale of the disaster, which raises concern in light of the continuation of these groups committing daily violations.
The following are some of the demographic change processes of the Turkish occupation and their Syrian criminal groups:
= Dersoan village
It is located near the Afrin River, surrounded by famous historical monuments, and it is a border village 14 km away from the center of Sharra district, consisting of / 450 / houses, and it was inhabited by about / 50 / Arab families and / 400 / Kurdish families from which they only returned / 80 / families due to forced displacement, and / 400 / families were resettled therein in addition to / 50 / families in tents to the west of the village, and a thousand families in tents (near the “Garmakah” spring and the site of the Nabi Hori Castle) from Ghouta, Homs, Hama and others, shortly after the occupation of the area In March 2018 CE, the militia of the "Sultan Murad Division" took control of the village, which ramped up in it, as the contents of most of its homes were stolen, including tools, furniture, electrical equipment, gas cylinders, copper utensils, supplies, and what was found in terms of agricultural machinery, tractors and cars, as well as the village's electricity transformer, number 2 / and the entire cable The pillars of the public electricity and landline networks, a set of drinking water pumping from the well of the village and the remains of the destroyed olive press machines belonging to "Abdin Muhammad Usi", in addition to the theft of all the machines of the citizen's "Manan Faiq Agha" presser near the Roman Bridge and seizing the fish belonging to him. Next to the winepress and the river by a militia The "Sham Legion" and his house in the village as well. The clinic building, 50 houses, and 50 houses were partially destroyed in the village during the aggression against it.

The “Sultan Murad” militia also took the house of “Ali Mustafa Jammo, Ahmed Fayad Hajji” and the “Mustafa Manan Jamou” press building and part of the house of “Mustafa Ali Jammo” as its military headquarters, and turned the agricultural extension unit building into a headquarters for the “civil defense”.
As for the educational situation in the village, it is very poor, as there is a primary school that lacks much, and attendance in it is limited to one or two days a week, while the preparatory stage that previously existed has been canceled.
In addition to the seizure of about 270 homes in their entirety, the pro-Turkish militias and the Syrian-Brotherhood coalition seized all the properties of the immigrant and forcibly displaced residents of the village, including agricultural lands and nearly 65 thousand olive trees, for example (7,000 trees, for example). Of three of the sons of the late Akash Agha, / 15 / A-Manan Faiq Agha, / 500 / of three sons of the late Ahmed Manan Abdullah, / 5 / thousand of the two brothers Mustafa and Wahid Adoul Hajj Sharif), and no agency was accepted to dispose of the property of the absent clients Citizen “Muhammad Adoul Hajj Sharif” was also forced to rent his automated bakery to the gunmen.
She visited the village for some time, the "Committee for Redressing Grievances", and only a number of vehicles were returned from these stolen and seized properties, after paying financial royalties from their owners.
The gunmen and those who were resettled also unjustly cut down about / 10 / thousand olive trees belonging to the people of the village in order to log, including (/ 300 / trees by "Mustafa Rashid Rasho", / 500 / for "Radwan Nuri Rasho", / 200 / By Ahmed Nouri Rasho, / 3 / thousand for “Abdeen Mustafa Akila,” / 300 / for “Mustafa Manan Jamo,” / / 200 / for “Rashid Manan Jamo,” / / 150 / for “Adham Ahmed Mustafa,” / 500 / By "Ahmed Fayad Hajji"); As well as cutting down 90% of the trees and forest woods surrounding the village, including (Horsh between the villages of “Arab Wiran and Dirswan”, Horsh on the Ikdam-East Dirswan road, Harsh Jabal Murad Agha and Jabal Dafah Maghar) that were planted in 1983 AD, in addition to that overgrazing Sheep flocks between agricultural lands and olive fields.
The hills (Deirswan - west of the village, Bakriya - north of the village) and the site of the "Nabi Hori" castle and the surrounding areas were dug and bulldozed with heavy machinery by the militias and under the supervision of Turkish intelligence, and their buried treasures were stolen.
The Kurds, the remaining residents of the village, have also been subjected to various harassment and violations, including insults, ransoms, financial royalties, arbitrary arrests, and others. They are detained in Maratah Prison in Afrin. Citizen “Abdo Jamil Qarah / 30 / years old” was arrested ten days ago at the entrance to Afrin and taken to Maratah prison as well.
= Typical settlement villages
In implementation of Turkey's Erdogan-Bahçeli policies of consolidating and expanding the systemic demographic change in the Afrin region, work is underway to build model settlement villages in order to house the recruits in it, with its tools from the Syrian terrorist militias and the Muslim Brotherhood networks funded and implemented, and through the Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management - AFAD, including:
- In a plot of land south of the village of Shadera - Sherwa, its owner was forced to sell it.
In the "Sheikh Muhammad" mountain, north of the town of Kafr Safra - Jenderes.
- On the mountain "Çiyayê Şewitî" - the road to Mount Qazili, north of the town of Kafr Safra - Jenderes.
- In the “Lêçe” site between the villages of “Qarmatlaq and Gqla Tahtani” - Shih / Sheikh Al-Hadid, near the Turkish border, where a new road was paved and paved with the remains of quarries, starting from the junction of the village of Mastka, in addition to work on preparing the infrastructure .
- In a plot of land near the clinic in the town of Shih / Sheikh Al-Hadid, belonging to a number of citizens, the militia of the "Sultan Suleiman Shah Division" forced a number of them to sign concession contracts in favor of the "local council" appointed by the occupation authorities. A local source believes that the so-called “Muhammad Jasim Abu Amsha,” the leader of the division, had received the price of the land from the funder, without paying its owners.
- In a mountainous site near the village of Hajj Hasan - Jenderes, by the “Al-Ihssan Foundation for Relief and Development - Turkey,” where the project was announced on 4/2/2021 AD, which aims to build / 247 / housing units with an area of ​​/ 40 / square meters including a garden Household / 60 / square meters for each house.
- At a site near the village of "Khalta" - Shirwa, which is 10 km from the center of Afrin in the east, by the "Sham Al-Khair Association - Turkey", where the project was announced under the name "Kuwait Al-Rahma Village" on April 17, 2021 AD by " The local council in Afrin "upon the visit of its vice president, Muhammad Sheikh Rashid," to the site, which aims to build / 300 / houses, a mosque, a clinic, a school, and an institute for memorizing the Qur’an; On the other hand, this small village of Khalta was almost completely destroyed by air strikes by the Turkish army on 1/31/2018, and its residents were forcibly displaced and prevented from returning to it.
On the other hand, within the framework of the active religious movement in Afrin and the popularization of the new hard-line Ottoman religious culture, the "Sham Al-Khair Society - Turkey", which is mainly funded by Kuwaitis, announced the completion and inauguration of two mosques in Jenderes sub-district, the first called "Dar Al Khalil" in the village of Burjke “on 3/27/2021 AD and the second in the name of“ Badr Hamad Bu Rahma ”in the village of“ Jalameh ”on 4/16/2021 AD in the presence of“ Abd al-Qadir Bakr Oglu - General Coordinator of Religious Affairs ”of Turkey.
Source of information received about demographic change processes (Report of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party)