From.Usman Khan Aurakzai- Pakistan
Since the peace process of Afghanistan has started Pakistan is trying to cover its self from external interference but flow of time unpleasant events continuously happening on borders.
Pakistan is very happy for Afghanistan peace process but also highly curious for Security Environment near to Border.
According to Pakistan Army and National Security they will not take any particular participantion in Afghanistan after US withdrawal because of National Security Policies. 
But it's not mean that Islamabad is not aware from upcoming unpredictable situations. The primary National Security agency Inter-Services intelligence (ISI) made a proper Security architecture for unpredictable situations. Agencies gave red alert to Military and intelligence Community be ready for problem-centric operations. 
Yesterday According to Inter-Services Public Relations(ISPR) the terrorists opened fire from across the border. The FC personnel were working on fencing the border when they were attacked.
Federal Minister for Interior Sheikh Rasheed reacted to the incident shortly after it took place, condemning it in the strongest words.
"The terrorist attack on FC personnel is extremely disappointing," he said. "The fencing work at the Pakistan-Afghanistan border will be completed at any cost,"
Pakistan is installing fences on the border with Afghanistan to stop people from illegally crossing the border. So far, 182 kilometers of the border has been fenced.
The nearly 2,600 km border dividing the areas between the two countries is called the Durand Line — drawn by the British in 1893. Though Pakistan has accepted the Durand Line, the Afghan governments be it Taliban or the Ghani or earlier governments have never recognized the border.
Pakistan has been aggressively working to seal the border for border management, controlling the unregulated flow of terror groups and being able to check drugs and arms smuggling from Afghanistan.
The Afghan government says that the roots of the al-Qaeda network are still alive in Afghanistan and the group still poses a threat to the country and the world and is collaborating with the Taliban.
unfortunate rise in violent incidents on both sides of Pak-Afghan border is meant to derail Afghanistan Peace Process.
Both sides condemned in the strongest terms all terrorist activities and reaffirmed their strong commitment to combat terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, including its financing, the dismantling of terrorist infrastructures and countering radicalization, to ensure that Afghanistan is never again a safe haven for international terrorism. 
Pakistan earnestly believes that both countries deserve peace and progress. Together we will defeat all spoilers.