Honoring the perpetrators and murderers is a feature of the Turkish occupation authorities and the armed factions affiliated with it, so the fighter of the Kurdish elderly Aisha Osman was rewarded with his release in the village of Burj Abdalo, and the Kurdish citizen Muhammad Hanif Husayn under torture was promoted and appointed commander of the city police faction in Raju district.
According to the Afrin Post website, that the Turkish occupation authorities handed over the security file to the “Burj Abdalo” village, south of Afrin, to “Abdo Othman,” the leader of an armed group affiliated with the “Special Forces” faction led by “Abdullah Halawa” that split from the “Hamzat” faction and attached to it. With the "Sham Legion" faction.
The operation came a year and a half after the elderly citizen, Aisha Othman, was strangled to hide the crime of stealing her money and forging it. The so-called “Abdo Othman” disappeared and returned weeks ago, to continue the violations against the Kurdish people, and the file of Burj Abd al-Wa village was handed over as a way of honor and reward.
It is noteworthy that the so-called “Aboud Othman” who comes from the city of Atarib in the countryside of Aleppo, and he is not the only criminal, but he has brothers famous for their criminal record, and “Muhammad Othman” nicknamed “Foxy” is accused of several crimes and thefts, and he has another brother named “Abdullah Othman” Nicknamed "Memo", he works in the drug trade.
The so-called “Abdo Othman” is currently practicing various kinds of violations and harassment of the residents of the village after he handed over the security file there. On the first of May, he launched a campaign of raids on the homes of the people and kidnapped 6 Kurds, and imposed a curfew to carry out theft Right to people's property, including electricity meters and others.
The source was able to document the names of some citizens who were kidnapped and they are: (Muhammad Kamal - Ahmed Sido - Sadiq Othman - Adel Hassan - Nihad Hamid Kalaho - Hazem Hamid Kalaho - Imad Hamid Kalaho), and they were kidnapped on charges of dealing with the previous administration, to be released after paying a ransom A large sum of money ranging between 6-8 thousand dollars.
The faction released the kidnapped Kurdish citizen Abdo Nabo in exchange for paying $ 4,000), and the citizen Muhammad Manan (for paying $ 5,000).
Among the horrific crimes committed by a group called “Abdo Othman: killing an elderly Kurdish citizen for the motive of theft. At dawn on 10/11/2018, the group - and was affiliated with the Hamzat faction before it defected from it and defected to the“ Sham Legion ”militia - stormed the citizen’s house The elderly Kurdish woman, Aisha Nuri Osman (80 years old), in her house in the village of Burj Abdalo, and they strangled her by putting her head in a bag and tied her, so she died by suffocation, while her son Nazmi Seydou Muhammad and his wife Fatima were held in another room and they were tied, and the attackers stole sums of money Money and gold jewelry, at that time, about seven million Syrian pounds, from the house.
The son Nazmi, who was shocked by the killing of his mother, rushed to the headquarters of the faction controlling the village, which was led by “Mahmoud Othman”, asking to intervene, but the faction detained him until the morning without taking any action.

After the killing, he was promoted to lead the Civil Police faction in the district

In December 2020, the Turkish occupation authorities appointed “Ayham Al-Qabaa,” known as “Abu Shehab,” as the leader of the “Civil Police” faction, instead of “Lieutenant Colonel Farouk”. And the so-called “Al-Qabaa”, from the city of Tal Rifaat, killed the Kurdish young man Muhammad Hanif Hussein (30 years) under torture, after he was arrested from his home on August 30, 2019, and was then brought to the Faction prison in the center of Rajo district, on the charge of belonging To the institutions of the previous administration, for a lifeless body to be returned to his family on 9/9/2019, and the occupation authorities arrested the so-called “Ayham Al-Qabaa”, after the murder of the Kurdish youth, but they quickly released him and returned him to work in the ranks of the faction, then promoted him and appointed him commander of the “police Al-Madaniya ”in the area.
The murderer's promotion was a catalyst for more murders. On 6/3/2021, an elderly Kurdish citizen, Sheikmos Mustafa Qasim (73 years), from the town of Medan Akbis - Rajo district, was martyred under torture on the fourth day of his kidnapping and detention in the civil police prison that he claims Called “Al-Qabaa”, the “Sham Legion” faction kidnapped him on 3/3/2021 and four other citizens.
To cover up its crime, the Turkish occupation factions (the Sham Legion and the Military Police) buried the body of the martyr Sheikhmous Mustafa, in the cemetery of the border town of Medan Akbas in Rajo district, without allowing his family and townspeople to bid farewell to his body, wash it, shroud it, and bury it according to the rules followed in the region.

Other killers have escaped accountability

There are many examples of the absence of the lowest levels of accountability, even for the murders, so called Muhammad Jasim Abu Amsha, the Kurdish citizen Ahmed Sheikho, the deputy head of the local council, was killed under torture, and he was rewarded with his release in the Shih / Sheikh al-Hadid district center and eight villages and the continued seizure of the people's property To establish his independent emirate.
The so-called Hatem Abu Shakra, the leader of the “Ahrar al-Sharqiya” faction, killed the Kurdish politician “Havrin Khalaf” and her companions. He was not held accountable, but was treated as one of the faces of politics and was received by the Syrian coalition.
The settler shepherds who killed the elderly Kurdish citizen Muhammad Ali (Aliiki) were not held accountable, despite the overwhelming evidence of the commission of the crime. Rather, all the killers were not held accountable and they were provided with ways to escape, which gave them incentives to continue to practice more violations against the Kurdish people of Afrin.

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