The continued violations of the Turkish occupation and the Syrian groups in Afrin and its countryside

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The Turkish occupation authorities and the Syrian mercenary groups continue to establish settlement villages for the Syrian settlers, who have been forced to live in the Afrin region and its countryside, in addition to the chaos that the armed groups exploit to commit daily crimes and violations against the remaining Kurdish citizens in the region. And depriving them of aid provided by international organizations after the violent earthquake in the region, the center of which was the city of Jenderes and its countryside.
According to reports, the region is witnessing difficult conditions as a result of the practices of the notorious groups, which fall under the umbrella of what is known as the Syrian Coalition, which is controlled by the extremist Muslim Brotherhood movement. These groups continue the plan of demographic change, depriving the remaining Kurdish citizens of the lowest aid provided by some regional authorities. And international, where a large number of homes that housed the Kurdish population, who were living under the security grip and daily threats, were destroyed.
According to the report, the mercenary groups took advantage of the repercussions of the earthquake, so they surrounded the city of Jenderes with camps and forced its original inhabitants to flee in many ways, so that they would not return to their natural character, and began building new settlement villages and rehabilitating previously built villages through institutions bearing "humanitarian and Islamic religious" names.

Report text:

= Settlement Village Project:
After the February 6 earthquake, teams from the "Al-Khair Foundation - Middle East Office" entered northern Syria, managed by "Adham Abu Salimah," a citizen of Gaza/Palestine and one of the advanced Hamas cadres (he held a number of senior positions previously), and they cooperated with "Muhammad Al-Jassim, Saif Abu Bakr, the leaders of the "Sultan Suleiman Shah Division, Al-Hamza Division" are building a camp (200 tents) on the land of the former agricultural airport and cement mountain - Afrin Jenderes Road, near the junction of the village of "Tilaf", 70% of its residents are not affected by the earthquake; On 25/2/2023, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation, Sheikh Imam Qassem, hastened to lay the foundation stone for the construction of a new settlement village in a location in Jabal Al-Ahlam near the village of Kimar-Shirwa/Mount Lilon, under the banner of “shelving those affected by the earthquake.” "Abu Salima" stated in a video clip posted on the Foundation's Twitter page that, in cooperation with "Anser Foundation - Turkey", its main partner, it has started constructing a village that includes housing units, each of which is 50 square meters.
It is noteworthy that the two institutions work in the orbit of the global Muslim Brotherhood organization, and implement the Turkish occupation plan to consolidate the demographic change against the Kurds in the Afrin region, by granting applicants from other Syrian governorates ownership of fixed concrete houses to make their residents forget the idea of returning to their original homes.
= afflicted Jandiers:
On March 1, 2023, the Voluntary Engineering Committee, headed by Dr. Fahmy Abdo, announced that it had completed an inventory of all buildings in the city of Jenderes, which was affected by the February 6 earthquake, within twenty working days, and counted (/100/ completely collapsed Arab buildings and houses, /280/ buildings It needs to be removed as quickly as possible, because it poses a threat to public safety and the safety of neighboring buildings. /232/ an Arab building and house in need of reinforcement and restoration, the rest of the buildings need restoration); The city needs to remove the rubble and rebuild while preserving the assets of the citizens’ property, and its original inhabitants who stayed near their buildings or took refuge with their relatives in the villages of the district are still in need of humanitarian aid and tents in particular, as the “charitable” institutions - under the influence of the militia leaders - refrain from Give it to them under the pretense that they are not in the camps.
= Qarmtelaq village:
Shih sub-district follows Sheikh Al-Hadid and is 3 km away from its center. It is located on the Turkish-Syrian border west of the city of Afrin, consisting of about 350 houses, and it had 1,750 people, original Kurdish residents, who were displaced early after the aggression on the region on the 20th. January 2018 AD, and returned to it after the end of the military operations / 122 families = 400 people / and the rest were forcibly displaced, and / 150 families = 800 people / of the recruits were settled there. And the militias of the "Sultan Suleiman Shah Division - Al-Amshat" take it as a command center.
Because of the February 6 earthquake, more than /100/ houses were completely or uninhabitable and more than /50/ houses were partially destroyed, and no humanitarian aid has reached the village yet, except for some small tents by a "charitable association" on 2/ 3/2023 A.D., at a time when most of the applicants whose homes they had seized were demolished in the homes of the two settlement villages, "Nawaf Al-Khair and Al-Kuwaitiya Village", which were previously built in a location adjacent to "Qarmtaq".
= Chaos and chaos:
- On 24/2/2023 AD, an armed group intercepted the car of the citizen "Rashid Ismail Mamo/Jerko/53/ years old" accompanied by his wife, on a public road at the site of the quarry between the villages of "Hassan Deira and Shorba", and after they were gagged and tied, they kidnapped them towards Naza Road - Nabi Hori, however, a member of the "Hassan Deira" checkpoint - Al-Hamza Division pursued the group that stopped beside the tents south of the village of "Nazza". It is noteworthy that "Jerko" is the owner of an olive press and well off, and an armed group had kidnapped his young son, "Mohammed Rashid Mamo" on 11/20/2019 AD for about seven months, until they released him in exchange for a large financial ransom; Also, the so-called "Abu Rabi`" is the official in charge of the village of "Abla" from "Al-Hamzat" and is known for his power and persistence in collecting royalties and financial ransoms, especially during the olive season.
- On 27/2/2023 AD, after the citizen "Mustafa Bilal" the mukhtar of the village of "Sheikh Bila"- wished that two armed members of the "Ahrar al-Sharqiya" militia had cut down olive trees in his field between the neighboring villages of "Jeqlameh and Jobana", and he photographed them with his phone, in response to him threatening and shooting his car from behind after he tried to escape with it; So the so-called "Abu Taloub" - known for his robbery and crimes - the official of the "Economic Department of the East" in the district of Raju and Al-Hadath intervened, so that "Bilal" did not file a complaint against them and did not publish the video clip of the photographer.
= sporadic violations:
- As part of the plan of the "Syrian National Army" militia leaders, to open many semi-artificial camps under the name of "earthquake victims", a new camp was opened in cooperation with the Saudi "Al-Risala Foundation" in the village of "Qara Tapph" - Shara district / Sharran from about /170/ a tent, although the villages of the sub-district did not suffer significant damage; And this is within an olive field, without any regard for the damage to agricultural production and the livelihood of the people, despite the presence of vacant lands within a short distance.
- On 27/2/2023 AD, the so-called "Abu Abdo Al-Qalamouni", the leader of the "Ninth Division" militia in the village of "Maska"-Raju, attacked the house of its mayor, "Ramiz Zamji Youssef" because of his defense of the people of his village, pointing weapons at him, threatening him, and demanding hand over the seal; However, Ramez refused the request and handed it over to the local council in the district.
- According to a video published on 28/2/2023 and circulated, it shows cutting walnut trees from the trunks in the "Qara Jarn" valley - Shara/Sharran district with a chainsaw by an armed element, for the purpose of logging and trade; According to a private source, the number of trees is four and belong to "Rashid Ibrahim Khalil" - the mukhtar of the village of "Koplik", and the element is called "Saleh" from the village of "Maasran" - Maarat Numan / Idlib, one of the militia members of the "Sultan Malakshah Division".
- In late February, the "Hamza Division" militia, which controls the village of "Marata" - Afrin, cut down about 15 olive trees - the Garage Bank site - belonging to the citizens "Sobhi Muhammad Ibrahim, Abdo Rashid Esmat."
The Turkish occupation authorities did not make any effort or work with the United Nations to bring in its humanitarian aid in accordance with the UN Security Council resolution in force with the areas controlled by the Syrian regime and the areas controlled by "Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham", which receives UN aid continuously, especially after the earthquake occurred. Afrin is deprived of it!
the pictures:
- A new settlement village in Jabal Al-Ahlam, near the village of "Kemar"-Shirwa/Mount Lilon.
- distressed Jandiers.
- A new camp within an olive field in the village of "Qara Tappa" - Shara / Sharan.
Cutting down walnut trees in the village of "Kobelk" - Shara/Sharran.
Source of information for the report: The media office of the Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria / Afrin under occupation (236).


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